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It’s greener on your side of the fence when you have the right products from Rock n Soil. Upgrade your garden or green space with the fresh look of turf. We can advise on the right option to suit your conditions.

The Right Stuff to Make your Garden Grow

A lawn to make the neighbours green with envy

There’s much more to turf than you might think. You have to consider the climate where you will grow the grass. Not only that, it’s about how much maintenance you want to put in. We have the perfect types of turf for the local market.

For example, our premium Blue Couch Turf is a warm season grass that performs optimally in the coastal regions of Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Western Australia. It has good drought tolerance and is able to be mown short (which is great for those stormy summer seasons where your lawn can shoot up in a couple of days). Whatever your situation, we’ll help you to find the perfect turf for your needs!

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