LSA Colourguard 2ltr

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Get green grass fast with LSA ColourGuard Plus, a 2-litre, ready-to-use, 100% natural grass pigment and liquid fertiliser.

Use LSA ColourGuard Plus to restore and revive your lawn’s colour year-round. One treatment will last for up to 3 months, and is easy to apply and safe for all lawns.

Apply LSA ColourGuard Plus in all weather year-round, including hot and cold extremes via the easy-to-use attachment that simply clips to your garden hose and delivers tiny organic pigment solids into the lawn’s leaf blade tissue. After two hours in full sunlight, LSA ColourGuard if fully dry. And once dry, ColourGuard Plus has been absorbed into the leaf blades. It won’t stain, run or bleed. It’s also simple to rinse off any overspray from driveway or hard surfaces.

We know you’ll love the look of your lawn with LSA ColourGuard Plus!

LSA Colourguard Benefits:

  • Year-round application in all weather
  • 100% natural ingredients – safe for the environment, people and pets
  • Reduces your lawn’s need for water and fertiliser
  • Ready-to-use 2-litre bottle covers lawn area up to 150 square metres
  • One treatment lasts up to 3 months

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