outdoor entertaining space ideas in this case a patio area with a wooden table and green and white chairs next to a green space and pool

Top 5 Outdoor Entertaining Space Ideas for Your Garden

No matter your current space, we have the perfect outdoor entertaining space ideas for you. With a little inspiration and know-how, you can take your space to the next level.

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bright colourful garden bed with lush greens, reds, blues, purples, pinks and yellows with a green lawn

Coloured garden pavers or retaining walls? What will ‘rock’ your garden?

There are several different ways you can harness colour in your garden. Through your living landscape, such as bright green grass, trees, plants and flowers.

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close up of curled white lawn grub sitting on dirt for how to get rid of lawn grubs

How to get rid of lawn grubs

As experts in all things turf and lawn care, we have some top tips on how to get rid of lawn grubs fast.

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front of a rustic home showcasing rustic garden ideas with plantings on the roof, from trees and in bushes

Rustic garden ideas: How to give your outdoor space a rustic edge

If you’re wanting to create a unique outdoor space, we have a few rustic garden ideas that will bring colour, charm, and character to your garden.

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image of a beautiful grey and white house on a large sloping lawn with trees in the foreground for how to add value to your home with outdoor landscaping

How to add value to your home with your outdoor landscaping

Today we’re exploring how to add value to your home through maximising your outdoor space. So – what’s on the ‘do’ list?

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image of an orange sunset

7 Tips for Getting Your Lawn Ready for Autumn

As temperatures start to head south, many Aussies turn their minds to prepping their lawns for the cooler months ahead. It’s a good idea too. After all, autumn lawn care...

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feature corner garden with charming wrought iron table and chair and a little couch, with plantings around the walls and a lamp

How to create a show stopping feature corner in your garden

Your garden is a blank canvas, limited only by your creative vision and available time to spend outdoors. Creating a show stopping feature corner in your garden is a great...

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image of white and taupe vases and knick knacks arranged on a taupe board for garden colour scheme

How to use a neutral garden colour scheme

You may wonder how to best create a neutral garden colour scheme. Here are our best tips and tricks.

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Image of a person in gloves setting pavers into a marked off cleared space of lawn for how to lay pavers in lawn

How to lay pavers in your lawn

Learning how to lay pavers is pretty simple if you follow our step-by-step guide below. In fact, this is a DIY project you could smash out in a weekend.

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image of a multi level garden bed with a green lawn and plantings on the tiers

Tips on creating a multi-level garden bed to wow the neighbours

Whether your backyard is level or sloped, you can create a stunning multi-level garden bed. A multi-level garden bed is a great way of utilising your existing outdoor space while...

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