outdoor entertaining space ideas in this case a patio area with a wooden table and green and white chairs next to a green space and pool

Top 5 Outdoor Entertaining Space Ideas for Your Garden

In southeast Queensland, we know a thing or two about embracing outdoor living and entertaining. We love a sunny deck, an intimate patio, a tucked-away courtyard, a luxurious pool space and sweeping lawn (and maybe even all at once!). No matter your current space, we have the perfect outdoor entertaining space ideas for you. With a little inspiration and know-how, you can take your space to the next level, and be ready to light the BBQ and fill the Esky for some outdoor entertaining. outdoor entertaining space ideas in this case a patio area with a wooden table and green and white chairs next to a green space and pool

Top 5 Outdoor Entertaining Space Ideas

To bring your vision for outdoor entertaining to life, all you need are a few ideas for inspiration and a little know-how. You don’t need to spend a lot to transform your outdoor area into the entertaining space of your dreams. And a bonus of creating a fabulous outdoor entertaining space – it will add value to your home. Let’s walk through our top five ideas, so you’re ready to roll as the weather heats up.

1 – Plan for optimal outdoor entertaining

Our first tip is really the foundation for every other tip. When it comes to outdoor entertaining ideas that will give your home a little glow up, it’s important to work with what you’ve got, to get to where you want to be. Think about your existing home and outdoor space, and where you want to take it to.
  • How often would you like to be entertaining at home?
  • What’s your existing outdoor space, and how does it flow from the inside?
  • Are you currently looking at a lush green lawn, a small courtyard, or an unloved pool area in need of a refresh?
  • What style of outdoor plants do you like or will complement your existing garden?
Pinterest is a great starting point to look for, curate and save ideas – from English country gardens to Australian natives to modern outdoor spaces. paved-flooring on a patio with two wicker chairs and small marble table in front of a terra cotta water feature

2 – Start with a good floor

A visually appealing and well-laid outdoor floor is an excellent starting point for a winning outdoor entertaining space. Yes, even in the garden. It forms the foundation of your outdoor space and draws the eye. Whether your space is courtyard-sized or dreaming bigger, at Rock’n’Soil, we’ve got an extensive range of pavers that will suit your colour scheme and space. To narrow your search a little, a couple of popular options are:
  • Adbri Euro Stone Paver collection – From Adbri Masonry, this collection will add a touch of European styling to your southeast Queensland outdoor entertaining space. The pavers have been shot-blasted for a natural, aesthetic texture that is slip-resistant and easy to maintain. They're an excellent choice for your outdoor space or pool area.
  • Interpave collection – From National Masonry, these pavers are easy to lay and maintain, and a versatile choice for your outdoor entertaining space. They’re a particularly good choice if your outdoor space does double duty as a car-parking area. Aesthetically pleasing and designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh weather, Interpave pavers are skid resistant and do not fade easily.
If you’re DIYing it and are new to laying pavers, or simply need a refresher, take a look at ‘Our Guide To Laying Pavers’. a green wall with a green bench in front with some knick knacks, white lamp above and green plants to the left for outdoor entertaining space ideas

3 – Celebrate in a green space

Our third outdoor entertaining space idea is all about the green. We love the fresh vibrancy that plants can bring to a hard landscaped area. In a small courtyard space, they’re a welcoming addition. And in a larger space, they can delineate your entertaining area from the backyard. A great way to showcase your favourite plants in an outdoor entertaining space are: Made from Redcor Steel, the planters are durable and feature a stunning scarlet that will develop an oxidised patina over time.
  • Shapescaper Galvanised Garden Rings – these rings are available in a range of sizes to suit your outdoor entertaining space. They will add an architectural element to your outdoor space. And they're a great way of drawing the eye to a favourite plant or garden feature.
patio area with wicker lounge set and a gray rectangular firepit in the middle next to a green lawn, trees and a brown fence for outdoor entertaining space ideas

4 – Get comfortable with good seating

Good quality and comfortable seating is a key component of your outdoor entertaining space. Seating lets your guests relax, move about and mingle. Your seating options will very much depend on your available space. Don’t worry if you don’t have room for a big table and chairs. Corner seating is a handy choice if your space is small. An outdoor lounge and coffee table, or a hanging chair, hammock or stackable stools with outdoor cushions may all give you the flexibility your space needs. garden-lighting up a paved path in a garden bed with plants at dusk

5 – Light it up

Our final outdoor entertaining space idea is to light it up! From both an aesthetic and practical perspective, good lighting is important for the outdoor entertaining mood and nighttime visibility. You don’t need to spend a lot to light up your outdoor space. Consider battery-operated tea lights, solar-powered LED fairy lights and grid-connected outdoor lights. All will help you to continue to enjoy the great outdoors once night has fallen.

Ready to Get Started?

These outdoor entertaining space ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more, particularly when it comes to sprucing up your backyard! At Rock’n’Soil, we have the how to and product info you need for loads of outdoor projects – from DIY driveway paving to easy weekend ponds (and much more!). Get in touch with us. We’d love to help you with all your outdoor and landscaping needs!