Rock ‘n’ Soil began as Tingalpa Landscaping Supplies in 1981.

For nearly four decades our business has been evolving to keep up with the change in South East Queensland.

Our Background (circa 1980’s)

Rock ‘n’ Soil began as Tingalpa Landscaping Supplies (TLS) in 1981. It was located at 896 Manly Road, Tingalpa Queensland. Tingalpa Landscaping Supplies was —and still is — known for its always on-time delivery with remarkable service. Customers in Brisbane would no doubt recall our previous phone number (07 3390 5355) and our green and white fleet of trucks.

The Formative Years

Eventually, Tingalpa Landscaping Supplies opened up at a new site at 1823 Anzac Avenue in Mango Hill (this site is now known as Nuway Mango Hill which is now operating under different management). Way back when it was known as the Mango Hill Nursery and Landscape. Having multiple locations across Brisbane, Tingalpa Landscaping Supplies became known then as TLS or Total Landscape Supplies – 1 destination for your total needs. TLS was instrumental in the development of the North Lakes and surrounding communities.

It moved its Tingalpa store a few kilometres down the road to its current home at 1398 New Cleveland Road in Chandler. TLS’s phone number also changed to 07 3245 5677 but its service remains the same. The big move was to help the former hardware giant (Masters) establish itself, now the old site consists of “HomeCo Tingalpa”.

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Agricultural producers since the early 1970’s

The Sihota family

They have been active as agricultural producers in the Redlands and Brisbane districts since the early 1970’s — growing a wide range of fresh flowers. Indeed, the family’s agricultural roots in Australia stretch as far back as 1880. They’ve kept this going even into the current times; today they also operate The Flower Farm at Birkdale (growing and selling flowers direct to the public).

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Rock ‘n’ Soil as it is today

In 2020, we’re the first and only fully accredited landscaping supplier in Queensland. At Rock ‘n Soil, we continue to provide reliable service our local community whilst also being the trusted partner for builders, architects, councils, landscapers and other related industries. Whether it’s soil, turf, rocks, ground covers, timber or landscaping accessories; we consistently provide superior service. As a team, we deliver this through our professional advice, competitive pricing and timely same-day delivery. From construction to infrastructure, community facilities, private homes, public areas and recreational facilities — our friendly team deliver all your requirements. This is from small or specialised orders to bulk bags, truckloads and beyond!

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Our Store

1398 New Cleveland Road,
Chandler QLD 4155

(07) 3245 5677