Rock 'N' Soil began as Tingalpa Landscaping Supplies (TLS) in 1981. Learn More

Rock 'N' Soil began as Tingalpa Landscaping Supplies (TLS) in 1981. Learn More


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You’ll Dig our Variety

At Rock ‘N’ Soil Tingalpa, we’re all for variety. You see, we don’t just sell turf…we sell Blue Couch and Sir Walter Buffalo grass varieties. You bet that we don’t just stock pebbles…we stock Pepper Rock and Kashmiri Gravel.

What we’re saying is that we’ve got a huge range, we’re distinctive and our products are a cut above. If you’re looking for landscaping supplies in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place. After all, we get down to the nitty gritty!

We’ve Got Buckets
of Know-How

Our friendly team has a depth of product knowledge.

We are passionate about landscaping and are willing to help you get the best out of your project. That’s whether it’s home-based or trade-related; no matter the size or scope. If you’re needing advice, one of our friendly team members will point you in the right direction.

About Us

Why we Rock (‘N’ Soil)

Within our 10,000m2 yards, you’ll find all the gardening and landscaping supplies under the sun. But you won’t have to sweat to get what you need. Retrieve our products from our easy-access bays, or request to have your vehicle loaded. You needn’t get your hands dirty (unless of course, you want to).

Massive range
of quality supplies

Buy at great prices
and in any quantity

Expert service
(from a local team)

Easy-access concrete bays
(provides uncontaminated product)

Need Help Calculating?

Sometimes it’s hard to know how much you actually need.

You need:

We do Same Day Delivery!

Byo trailer, ute or car or ask us about our delivery service.