close up of palmetto buffalo turf green grass

Our Guide to Palmetto Buffalo Turf

Adored by busy Aussie households our Palmetto buffalo is known for its low demands and high durability. It looks fantastic in a wide range of gardens and is famous for...

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Our Guide to Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf

Whether your backyard is shaded or sunny, coastal or inland, whether you enjoy quiet time or have a life filled with children and pets, Sir Walter is for you.

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close up of lawn seeds growing in fresh dirt for lawn seeds vs turf

Lawn seeds vs turf — which is better for your lawn?

We’re often asked for our thoughts on lawn seeds vs turf. Which grows the best? Which leads to the most lush lawn? Which is the easiest to use?

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close up of green and lush nullarbor couch grass

Your Guide to Nullarbor Couch Grass

If you want something that looks good, but is also hard wearing for all the fun and games. Nullarbor Couch is a great choice!

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two workers in high vis pouring concrete into a laid grid for difference between cement and concrete

Cement and concrete - what's the difference?

Have you been hatching plans for a DIY project that will require concrete… or should that be cement? Wait, are they the same thing? Or completely different materials? 

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image of gloved hands laying rectangular pavers on prepped dirt for types of pavers

Types of pavers for every personality

Today we’ll talk through the different types of pavers and the outdoor residential projects they’re most used for. So you can find the type of paver that’s best for your...

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close up image of queensland blue couch

Everything you need to know about Aussie Blue Couch

Our Aussie Blue Couch is lush, natural looking blue-green lawn with a tight leaf and root structure, perfect for our local conditions and down into northern New South Wales. Discover...

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Wooden stakes for garden edging ideas with pansies planted inside

Garden edging ideas: What's best for your space?

The idea that great design incorporates all the understated and functional elements certainly applies to your garden. And garden edging is one of the biggies. 

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close up of lush green Sir Grange Turf a zoysia grass

Everything You Want to Know About Sir Grange Turf

Well known for making one of the most beautiful lawns in Australia, Sir Grange is one of the top choices for high-end golf courses such as Teven Valley, Killara and...

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a perfectly manicured lawn in front of a brick home with a blue sky and pine trees behind for beginners guide to lawn care

Beginner’s Guide to Lawn Care

Our beginner’s guide to lawn care will walk you through just what you need to do to keep your lawn healthy and happy (and the envy of all your neighbours)!

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