Our Guide to Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf

Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf is widely known as ‘Australia’s favourite lawn’. It’s a scientifically developed variety of deep green buffalo grass, and a great choice for a low maintenance, lush looking lawn. Whether your backyard is shaded or sunny, coastal or inland, whether you enjoy quiet time or have a life filled with children and pets, Sir Walter is for you. extreme close up of sir walter dna certified turf blades of grass

Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf

We like to say that Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf is a ‘lifestyle’ feature lawn. And that’s because investing in Sir Walter means you’re also buying a new way of weekend life. With Sir Walter buffalo grass you’ll be able to establish your lawn and see it grow and thrive with minimal ongoing maintenance. Your weekend hours will be freed from the onerous tasks of overwhelming mowing, watering and troubleshooting. And your children and pets can run free without worrying about the impact to your lush lawn.

What does ‘certified’ mean?

The ‘Certified’ part of Sir Walter’s formal-sounding name means the turf is 100% guaranteed to be free from weeds, pests and foreign grasses when it is supplied to you. To get the name, the turf has to run through the rigorous AusGAP’s certification process and be grown by licensed turf growers. Those growers must plant it on land that is sterilised and free from pests, weeds and foreign varieties of turf. drone image of sir walter buffalo grass in a beautiful lush garden and courtyard with a path winding in between

Best location and yard for Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf

Sir Walter turf is extremely versatile and durable, making it the perfect choice for residential backyards of all locations, shapes and sizes. It’s hardy enough even for those with active children and pets! Sir Walter is a warm-season buffalo grass that is both shade and drought tolerant. Because of that it works well in open spaces, courtyards and around pools and garden beds. It will also thrive on the coast or inland and requires minimal lawn care. close up of sir walter buffalo grass

Appearance and feel

Your Sir Walter lawn will be a luxuriant deep green, with broad soft leaves that grow tightly together. Soft underfoot, this lawn is perfect for walking, running or just lying down. You can also enjoy backyard cricket, a picnic, playing Finska or simply kicking back with an evening bevvy. man in gardening gloves laying fresh sir walter dna certified turf  with a roll next to it

Laying and caring for Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf

Sir Walter is suitable to lay year-round in southeast Queensland. And though it doesn’t really need a lot of maintenance, a regular lawn care routine will give your turf the best chance of living a healthy, green life. The good news is that your Sir Walter lawn is naturally weed and pest resistant. It self-repairs after heavy wear and tear, or after prolonged drought. It has a non-invasive root