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Our Guide to Palmetto Buffalo Turf

Palmetto Buffalo Turf is one of the most family-friendly options on the market. It’s also adored by busy Aussie households for its low demands and high durability. It looks fantastic in a wide range of gardens and is famous for preserving its rich green hue throughout the cooler winter months. The Rock ‘n’ Soil team are big fans of Palmetto Buffalo Turf as well! So we’ve put together this handy guide to share everything you need to know before you get started. From the best location and yard type to how to lay it and common weeds and pests, let’s dive in. Happy turfing! close up of palmetto buffalo turf bright green with sun coming on

Buffalo grass

You have most likely spotted the broad leaf blades of this hardy grass in your neighbours’ gardens, as it is one of the most popular warm-season grass varieties in the country. It is incredibly hardy and is both drought and cold tolerant. Buffalo’s strong leaf blades and large leaf size can mean that some older varieties feel scratchy on the skin. But more recent varieties have eliminated this problem. That makes buffalo grass popular with even the fussiest of kids and the most sensitive of pets. Rock ‘n’ Soil stocks two common buffalo varieties – Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf and Palmetto Buffalo Turf. But today we’re going to talk everything Palmetto! extreme close up of palmetto buffalo grass blades

Palmetto Buffalo Turf

Palmetto Buffalo Turf is one of the most popular types of buffalo grass. Originating in central Florida, this variety has impressive heat and drought tolerance, as well as shade tolerance. It is tough and hard wearing, which makes it particularly great for families with young children and/or pets. This type of turf has fast runners across the ground so it recovers quickly from galloping little feet or digging dogs. In the right conditions, it should look green and lush all year round and will not require much maintenance.

Appearance and feel

Similar to other buffalo varieties, Palmetto Buffalo Turf has broad, dark green leaves. This lovely rich green colour even sticks around throughout winter, when many other grasses turn brown or even purple. But unlike some other types of buffalo grasses, Palmetto continues to feel soft underfoot. huge field of bright green palmetto buffalo turf with bright blue skies and a tractor in the middle

Best location

Palmetto Buffalo Turf is well suited to most regions across the country, including right here in Queensland. In fact, its high heat and drought tolerance make it an excellent choice for hot locations – a common condition in the typical Aussie backyard come summer. Because it can also handle shady conditions, if you have large trees or a cubby in the backyard, this grass might be the one for you. palmetto turf being laid across dark brown earth with a rake and a shovel and rolled turf waiting to be laid

Laying Palmetto Turf

Almost anytime is a good time to lay Palmetto turf. The one exception to this is in extra-cold conditions during winter, when you should wait for the soil to warm before laying your turf. When you are ready to lay your turf, you prep as you would for any kind of turf. First you’ll need to prepare your soil and measure how much turf you will need to order. Ensure you organise delivery for a day when you have plenty of time to lay the grass, as turf rolls need quick attention so they don’t dry out on the pallet. Second, make sure you give the soil a good watering so it is moist before laying your turf. Then give it another good water after you have laid it. For the next two weeks, water the turf until the soil underneath is moist, so the grass can establish its roots. For detailed instructions on how to lay turf and keep it looking great, please check out our guides here and here. You will be able to order any little lawn helpers you may need from our online store here. green mower being pushed across bright green palmetto buffalo turf in straight rows

Turf maintenance

We have some great news for busy households – Palmetto Buffalo Turf requires less watering and maintenance than most other buffalo varieties. In fact, your lawn will only need watering once every 7–10 days in summer with less in the cooler months, and fertilising once or twice a year. Hallelujah, cry the time-poor turf-lovers across the country!

Common pests and weeds in Palmetto Turf

Once again, Palmetto comes up a winner when it comes to common pests and weeds. Its dense growth means that it makes it difficult for weeds to penetrate, while it also resistant to diseases and pests such as grey leaf spot and lawn grubs. Brown Patch can affect Palmetto Buffalo Turf, but it is rare. Of course, should any weeds, diseases or pests take up residence in your turf, contact the team at Rock n Soil and we will advise you on how best to handle them. We hope this has answered everything you wanted to know about Palmetto Buffalo Turf, but if you have any lingering questions of course please don’t hesitate to ask the team at Rock n Soil. We love talking turf and we love helping our valued customers get the results they deserve. Stay tuned to our how to and product info pages for more advice on how to keep your lawn in tip-top condition.