image of gloved hands laying rectangular pavers on prepped dirt for types of pavers

Types of pavers for every personality

Pavers are shaped blocks made from a range of materials. So you may wonder, how they relate to your personality. But because there are so many different types of pavers, there will be one that suits you, your garden, your functional needs and even your style the best! So what are pavers? A paver is simply a shaped building material made of concrete, natural stone or brick that is generally small in size (though this varies!). Pavers are most used as a concrete alternative. And you can lay them in a wide range of patterns, with even more variation coming from their material, colour and texture. Today we’ll talk through the different types of pavers and the outdoor residential projects they’re most used for. So you can find the type of paver that’s best for your personality. kneeling person with gloved hands laying rectangular grey pavers on prepped dirt for types of pavers

Types of pavers

There are three main types of paversbrick, concrete and natural stone. Within these three main types are a wide variety of styles and colours. Which types of pavers you choose for your outdoor project will be guided by your style, project and budget. The most popular use of pavers is for driveways, patios, paths, pool areas and garden edging. image of a paved driveway bordered by grass and garden beds leading to a white stone home for types of pavers


Driveways require heavy duty, high traffic pavers. (And if you’re thinking about laying a driveway, check out our article, 5 Steps to Prep for your DIY Driveway Paving.) Our suggestions for the best types of pavers for your driveway include:
  • Brick Adbri Havenbrick Pavers are durable and thick. They’re easy to install and able to withstand all weather elements. Havenbrick Pavers are available in two colours and are suitable for residential driveways.
  • Concrete Drivepave are high strength concrete pavers that are both tough and stylish. They are a perfect choice for high traffic outdoor areas, including driveways. Drivepave pavers are charcoal and their simple rectangular shape mean they can be laid in a number of different formations.
  • ConcreteInterpave pavers are designed to withstand heavy loading and harsh weather, making them perfect for driveways. Interpave pavers are skid resistant and easy to lay due to their interlocking design. They are available in charcoal and natural.
image of a paved patio with a sloped lush garden bed on one side, a chair and some pot plants

Patios and paths

Laying pavers for a patio or path is an excellent DIY weekend project. Be sure to read our guide to laying pavers and how to for laying pavers in your lawn so you’re well prepared and ready to roll. Our suggestions for the best types of pavers for patios and paths are:
  • BrickAdbri Havenbrick Pavers are a great choice for paved patio areas and pathways. Available in Oatmeal and Sunstone and easy to install, Adbri Havenbrick Pavers will complement most outdoor areas – and seamlessly pair with your driveway pavers.
  • Concrete Esplanade 400 Pavers are contemporary and stylish and suitable for all patios and pathways. Crafted to include unique spacer lugs, they’re also easy to install and hard-wearing. Esplanade pavers have been treated to reduce water absorption and are available in a range of colours including charcoal, platinum, ginger and sand.
  • Stone – Natural White Cobblestone Paving pieces are a stunning choice for country-chic pathways. Unfortunately you can only by these pavers by the square metre and by layer, meaning you can’t choose individual pieces.
beige pavers in a curved shape outlining a bright blue pool for types of pavers

Pool area

Pavers for pool area must be high quality and ideally slip and salt resistant. Our suggestions for the most suitable types of pavers for your pool area include:
  • Concrete Adbri Euro Classic Pavers are an excellent choice for paving around your pool and water features. They are premium quality, slip resistant, salt resistant and easy to maintain. Available in a range of colours inspired by European cities, Euro Classic Pavers can also be used to pave patios and pathways.
  • Concrete Abode Bullnose Pavers are contemporary and charcoal-toned, ideal for use in pool areas and high traffic areas. The pavers are also available in the colours biscotti, latte and linen. Get in touch with us so we can order these colours in for you.
  • Stone Adbri Euro Stone Pavers have been shot-blasted to create a natural, slip and salt resistant texture, making them the perfect choice for paving pool areas. They’re also suitable for paving patios and outdoor courtyard areas. The designers of Euro Stone pavers were inspired by the architecture of European cities. They've created these beautiful pavers in colours described as Prague, Riverina and Zurich.
stacked pavers making a small garden bed filled with brown and grey pebbles

Garden edging

Garden edging must be sufficiently durable to withstand all weather elements, as well as plant and grass growth, garden maintenance activities and lawnmowers. We’ve shared our tips on choosing the garden edging that’s right for your outdoor space. So when you’re ready to get going we have a wide range of brick and formed concrete garden edging that are hardy and durable, and complement every outdoor area. Edgepave charcoal pavers are a great, high quality and contemporary choice for your garden edging.

Ready to get started?

We hope this has helped you understand the different types of pavers and their best uses. At Rock’n’Soil we have a wide range of brick, concrete and stone pavers for all your outdoor projects. We love sharing tips and ideas on our how to page and our product info page to help make the most of all your outdoor projects. Contact our expert team at Rock’n’Soil anytime! We’d love to talk through your paving projects.