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Queensland Blue Couch is great for both commercial and residential properties with its thin bladed texture and lush, green look. It’s a popular choice for gardens, parks and sports fields due to its tight leaf and root structure which lends it to producing dense ground coverage. Queensland Blue couch is resistant to weeds, drought-like conditions and is relatively resistant to wear and tear. It is also a great choice for sandy, coastal conditions. It is a more cost effective option than Aussie Blue Couch, which is even more dense and retains its rich colouring throughout the harsher winter months.

Need to know:

  • This grass is not shade tolerant
  • This grass needs a once a week mowing schedule
  • This grass needs seasonal application of fertiliser
  • Some herbicides are not suitable for Queensland Blue Couch
  • This grass may take longer to recover from hard wear / heavy use
  • Requires 6-7 hours of direct sun per day
  • It is best to refer to your lawn as ‘Queensland Blue’ when seeking advice
  • Requires infrequent but deep watering throughout the year

ORDERING: Note that we don't keep stock on hand - our turf is cut fresh. If you want to order this variety of turf, it must be ordered...

By 10 am on Thursday for collection from our yard on a Friday or Saturday.

With at least 48 hours notice for a delivery between Mon-Fri.

The above timings change depending on turf variety so please check the ordering deadlines if you decide another turf variety is more suitable.

Price is per m2

To find out more about our Queensland Blue Couch, contact our service team on 07 3245 5677.

Measure and Order

Ready to order your Queensland Blue Couch? Your first step is to measure. While this can feel complicated, the formula is pretty simple. Simply measure the length and the width of your prepared space, multiply them together and you’ll get the square meterage. We always suggest you add a 5% safety net to make sure you have a little extra just in case .

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Beautiful Queensland Blue Couch. Measure and order today.

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