Plant Doctor Roots, Shoots & Leaves Granular 4.5kg

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An amusing name isn’t the only thing going for this Plant Doctor fertiliser product – Roots Shoots & Leaves has been custom made to do its best work in our harsh Aussie conditions. It comes as an improved replacement for the brand’s Champion for Plants fertiliser. Zeolite has been added to the formula to minimise the leaching of important nutrients, meaning it’s not only better for the environment but also better for your hip pocket.

This mineral-based granular fertiliser is effective immediately and will continue to nourish your plants over the following four to six months after application. It will help to support greening and growth in your leafy plants (including pot plants), vegetables and lawns. Roots Shoots & Leaves is a beneficial microbial stimulant that will support trunk and root development, improve seed germination, increase brix levels and offer protection against disease.

Plant Doctor Fertiliser – Roots, Shoots & Leaves Granular Benefits:

  • Ideal for plants, vegetables and lawns
  • Controlled-release fertiliser for up to four to six months
  • Highly effective natural wetter
  • High in potassium and silica
  • Environmentally friendly

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