Plant Doctor Natures's Soil Wetter 1ltr

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As much as we love a sunburnt country, not many of us love moisture stress in our gardens or dry patches on our lawns.

If your soil needs a helping hand to thrive again, Plant Doctor Nature’s Soil Wetter 1L can revitalise your struggling soil by improving its water penetration and holding capacity. Regular use of this product can also help to remedy sandy and clay soils.

This super concentrated – yet environmentally friendly and predominantly plant derived – soil wetting agent and soil conditioner is non-toxic and contains no petro-chemicals, phosphates, harsh chemicals or solvents. It is suitable for all soil types and environmentally sensitive areas such as vegetables, fruit trees, golf greens, turf, pot plants, natives and more.

Help your soil to hold water and fertiliser better, improve soil crumb structure, help detoxify toxic residues and heavy metals, increase longevity of nitrogen and remedy pH issues.

Plant Doctor Nature’s Soil Wetter Benefits:

  • Improves water penetration and holding capacity of soil
  • Immediately effective – saving you time, money and sweat
  • Can be used on all soil types
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic – contains no petro-chemicals, phosphates, harsh chemicals or solvents
  • Powerful combination of organic compounds and advanced colloidal technology

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