Plant Doctor Micronised Gypsum 1ltrs

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Do you have patches of clay in your soil that’s preventing you from achieving the lush lawn and garden that thrives in your imagination? Have you eyed off your neighbours’ blocks and wondered how they beat the curse of the clay?

You may be familiar with Plant Doctor’s granular gypsum, now the Aussie-owned brand has introduced a liquid version for more precise application. Plant Doctor Micronised Gypsum 1L is your secret weapon in the battle for better soil.

The reviews are in and home gardeners are loving how quickly and easily this organic product has transformed their gardens. The micronisation of gypsum means its soil-conditioning and clay-busting potential has been given a mighty boost. It’s a natural source of calcium and sulphur, making it useful for application in cereal crops and pasture, a booster for sandy soils with poor calcium and sulphur retention, and an excellent remedy for high magnesium and sodium in the root zone.

Plant Doctor Micronised Gypsum Benefits:

  • Certified organic clay buster
  • Improves and conditions soils
  • Easier to use than granular gypsum
  • Natural source of calcium and sulfur
  • Contains fulvic acid for micro- and macro-nutrients

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