image of garden stone in a rock garden with pebbles, stones and yellow and green plantings

Our guide to using stone accents in your garden

Rocks might be the bane of every gardener’s life. But stone accents are a boon. Used in your garden, stone can lift the whole feel of your space, bringing structure, warmth, charm and appeal. From tiny pebbles to large boulders, here’s our guide to using stone accents in the garden.

Our guide to using stone accents in the garden

As edging

One of our favourite uses of garden stone is as edging. Used along pathways or to delineate garden beds, stone edging looks great and is highly functional. You can create a small wall with larger stone blocks, or a small, narrow meandering line of stone to just separate the spaces to the eye.

In garden beds

We love the look of fieldstones placed throughout a garden bed. Fieldstones are simply stones used in their natural forms – like these cobblestones. And these organic shapes, set against the bright greens of plantings and the dark browns and reds of beautiful mulch, bring in an element that serves to showcase the others. When using fieldstones don’t be too consistent in your placement. The organic shape of these garden stones are best suited for a more random, naturalistic design. stone-path

To create structure

One of the most common ways to use garden stone is to create structure. This might be pathways, stone staircases, retaining walls or even seating. Garden stones are excellent for these purposes because they’re both hard wearing and extremely beautiful.

As a ground cover

Small garden stone – like rocks or even pebbles – are great for use as a ground cover. They keep weeds at bay, and the pops of colour and texture they bring can really spruce up a bland outdoor area. We love the Charcoal Lava Pebbles for their unique shape and pockmarked texture. Or for a little glamour check out our Polished Jade Pebbles. An added bonus – stones have great drainage capabilities, so you won’t be stuck slogging across waterlogged turf. image of garden stone set in an intricate pattern with different colours and sizes

As an artistic feature

Creating focal points around the garden can really elevate the feel of the space, and a stone feature is a great option. Consider whether you might create a feature around a pond, or in a neglected patch. Using large boulders and landscaping rocks cleverly placed can draw the eye and add interest and dimension to an otherwise dull space. This kind of feature work is especially popular in native, desert and Japanese gardens. However, it can certainly be used in all types of gardens. stone-water-feature

In a water feature

Rocks look absolutely stunning around a water feature. In fact, we can’t imagine a garden pond without stone accents! Create interest around a garden pond or pool by edging it with a variety of large and small rocks. This gives it a more natural look, and create visual appeal. The organic shapes of the stones will work well with your feature’s shape. You can also use large landscaping rocks to create a small waterfall by strategically piling them and letting water cascade down.

As a rock garden

Rock garden design is growing in popularity here in Australia. It’s a modern look that embraces drought-friendly design, and looks fabulous with our native dry weather loving plants. Take it to the next level by using large boulders of various sizes. Set the bottom one-third of the stones into the soil to keep them secure and plant natives in the spaces between.

Our team is here to help

When it comes to adding stone accents to your garden, our team are the experts. You can read more of our advice or just get in touch with your questions. We’re sure to have the answers you need! Stone accents are just one way you can beautify your garden. What about adding an eco-outdoor area? Or trying your hand at a curved retailing wall? Check out our ‘how-to’ guides for all the tips and tricks. And visit our product info page for the goodies you need to get started. And if there’s anything else, contact the expert team at Rock n Soil any time!