Beautiful plant filled courtyard for small courtyard ideas

7 Transformative Small Courtyard Ideas

A courtyard is a great outdoor space that enhances your lifestyle. A small courtyard can be an extension of your internal living areas, and a transition between inside and out. We have a few DIY makeover ideas that can transform your courtyard and make it everyone’s favourite space to gather and relax. Better yet – it’s the perfect spring-time project.

7 small courtyard ideas

Whether you’re looking to build your small courtyard space from scratch or tweak a few elements to add your own style – we’ve come up with seven ideas for you. beautiful-garden-foliage

1. Choose a fresh theme and colour scheme

A distinct theme and colour scheme will do wonders for your small courtyard and make it a little easier to plan all your DIY choices, as well as plants, furniture and accessories. A courtyard space can be a transition between your home and yard. So it can complement your internal style, or you can create a whole new look. Pinterest is a great resource – search ‘courtyard ideas’ (or get more specific, with e.g., ‘tropical courtyard’, ‘modern courtyard’ or ‘rustic courtyard’). Scroll through and save anything you like the look of, to form your own mood board of ideas. Once you’re clear on your theme and scheme, you can move on to more choices. If you are tweaking an existing courtyard, working to remove or add a few elements in a consistent style and colour palette will freshen up and unify the space, making everything work together. deck-garden

2. Deck the floors

A good floor draws the eye and forms the foundation of your small courtyard. The small space means it’s a manageable size to DIY the paving yourself too. But if you need any tips, check out Our Guide To Laying Pavers. At Rock ’n’ Soil, we have an extensive range of pavers to suit your theme and colour scheme. Adbri Euro pavers bring a touch of glamour, being inspired by European cities. The pavers come in a unique colour palette range and are high quality and easy to maintain. Drivepave pavers and HavenSlab pavers are another great choice for high traffic outdoor courtyard spaces. Their simple rectangular design make for versatile layouts. garden-wall-courtyard

3. Build the walls

Creating a distinct courtyard zone with privacy and shade is a great way to define your small courtyard. A retaining wall may be the small courtyard idea you need. Go for a rustic look with our range of timber sleepers and treated pine logs. Or perhaps you need to hide next door’s ugly brick wall? Consider creating your own ‘fence wall’ with our range of treated fencing posts. garden-water-feature

4. Create a water feature

Picture yourself in your small courtyard as the sun sets, toasting the end of the day with good friends. A gentle trickle of water plays in the background – from a rock water feature you made yourself! Check out our how-to at How To Make A Stunning Water Feature With Rocks . A rock water feature adds a sculptural element to your courtyard space, and the sound of trickling water creates a peaceful mood. At Rock ’n’ Soil we have a great range of rocks and fill to create a water feature to suit the theme and style of your courtyard. plant-filled-courtyard

5. Add a micro-garden

A small space doesn’t mean you can’t be a keen gardener! Our boutique range of Botando and Settler seeds give you the creative licence to add greenery or flowers to your space. This can be added to an existing courtyard, or worked into your new courtyard design. Choose from garden greens, herbs, cut flowers, Australian natives, vegetables, edible flowers or decorative garden flowers. Whatever you love, you’ll find the perfect choice to suit your courtyard-sized green thumb! Our 3-tiered Redcor metal planter is perfect for adding personality to your micro-garden. Made from Redcor steel, the planter is a stunning scarlet and will suit all weathers. Over time a stable oxide layer forms on the surface, creating a ‘patina’.

6. Add a mulched pocket of greenery

Creating a distinct pocket of greenery is a great small courtyard idea. Adding a natural green pocket will create calm and order, and a peaceful place to draw the eye. Adding mulch to your pocket of greenery allows you to play with a variety of colour and style, and you are sure to find a mulch that fits your courtyard theme. beautiful-courtyard

7. Make it comfortable

The final transformative small courtyard idea is to make it welcoming and comfortable. You don’t want to overcrowd a small space, but there does need to be a few comfy places to sit. Depending on your style, you could go with a traditional outdoor furniture setting, an outdoor lounge set with coffee table – or even a hammock with cushions! At Rock ’n’ Soil, we have so many transformative small courtyard ideas that will suit your space and style. And you don’t have to stop here! Our experts love to get involved in your DIY. So, get in touch today so we can talk through your ideas, what you’ll need and how we can help. Our product info page is full of inspiration, and our how to page has helpful blog posts just like this one.