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How to Keep Your Lawn Green in Winter

If you’re asking how to keep your lawn green in winter, we have the answers for you! Let’s dive in. Just like humans, lawns like to hibernate when the cold of winter hits. They don’t curl up on the lounge wrapped in a hoodie, but they do stop putting too much effort out just the same. Winter can also be tough on turf generally. Lawns can be impacted by frost, weeds, reduced sunlight and intermittent rain. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your lawn looking vibrant through winter. And even lay the groundwork for the warmer months to come. Here are our top tips for how to keep your lawn green in winter: turf-in-between-paver

How to keep your lawn green in winter

Some lawns, such as Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf, are more likely to stay a vibrant green all year round (with a little winter TLC). But pretty much any lawn can look absolutely fab if you follow our tips.

Slow down your mowing routine

Lawn growth slows down in winter and may even stop altogether. You may not need to mow at all. Keep an eye on your grass. If you feel it needs a trim, don’t cut it as short as you would in warmer growing months. It can help to adjust the height on your mower blades. Taller leaf blades develop deeper roots and help to promote photosynthesis, which is important for winter thriving. When you mow in winter, keep the catcher on or rake up the clippings when you’re done. This will maximise the winter sun on the leaf blades. For more mowing tips, head over to How often should I mow my lawn. sunshine-over-turf

Let the sunshine in

To help keep lawn green in winter, maximise the amount of sun on your winter lawn. Clear away any obstructions. Rake up autumn leaves. Tidy away – or regularly move – play equipment, bats and balls. And prune any overhanging trees that throw excess shade over your lawn. turf-garden

Weed, weed, weed

Winter is a great time to remove any weeds that have taken root over spring and summer. And in fact, many thrive in the chilly weather. But it’s important to manage your weeds as they don’t go dormant in the winter. And they will take much needed nutrients away from your lawn. Physically remove any weeds you see, then apply a multipurpose herbicide and fertiliser like Lawn Solutions Oxafert to control the further spread of weeds and give your lawn a boost. beautiful-turf-garden

Feed your lawn

Just like humans, lawn love a good winter feed. So winter is the perfect time to top up your lawn’s nutrients. Feeding your lawn will help keep it green through winter and support it into the warmer months. Adding nutrients to your lawn can be done in a couple of ways.

Fertilise your lawn

Regardless of the type of lawn you have, a premium lawn fertiliser will give it an extra boost to help keep it looking green and vibrant. The slow-release granules contain trace elements and nutrients which will nourish your lawn all year. ECO 88 Lawn Food by Queensland Organics is specially made for lawns. It helps boost chlorophyll production, which will help it to look green and lush. ECO 88 is in granular form, making it easy to evenly spread and store.

Top dress your lawn

Once you’ve fertilised your winter lawn, apply a top dressing to add nutrients to promote healthy growth as the warmer weather arrives. aerating-turf

Time to aerate

Aerating your lawn improves its ability to absorb water, encourages root growth and improves drainage. We normally recommend aerating twice a year – during spring and autumn. But it’s a fantastic tip if you’re asking how to keep your lawn green in winter. So, if it’s something you didn’t get time for, or have never done before, consider doing it now. If you’ve never aerated your lawn before, don’t be daunted. All you need is a garden fork. Drive the fork around 100 mm into the soil, then wiggle it back and forth to break up the soil. Repeat this across your lawn, at regularly spaced intervals. Aerating your lawn is particularly important when your soil is compacted. If your soil is clay-based, your lawn would benefit from a gypsum clay breaker mix. This will improve drainage and aeration. watering-turf

What about water

In a Brisbane winter, it’s only necessary to water your lawn as required – perhaps once or twice each week. If you’ve not been routinely watering, a sign that your lawn needs water is if it starts to yellow. If that’s the case, take care to deeply water but don’t go overboard. For more guidance, read our post How Often Should You Water Your Lawn. Wondering how to keep your lawn green in winter? We can help you to get Brisbane’s best lawn and keep it looking lush and green through winter. Visit our product info page for everything you need to keep your lawn green, vibrant, and well nourished, ready for the warmer months. Keep your eye on our how to page. You’ll find helpful blog posts like this one, and more. If there’s anything else, get in touch with our expert team at Rock’n’Soil, anytime.