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Get Brisbane’s best lawn with Rock ‘N’ Soil

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Get Brisbane’s best lawn with Rock ‘N’ Soil


Get Brisbane’s best lawn with Rock ‘N’ Soil

If you are in competition with your neighbours to get Brisbane’s best lawn this summer we have some tips that will make them go green with envy. Getting the best lawn on the street can be a hard task, especially through the summer months, as the weather changes between storms and heatwaves, but by using the right products and getting the foundation right, Rock ‘N’ Soil can help you achieve your lawn goals.

To showcase your lawn as one of Brisbane’s best there are a few factors to consider before starting your journey:

  • The Climate: Queensland is known for being a tropical climate with hot and humid weather in the Summer Months as well as storms
  • The Temperature: Seasonally Queensland stays quite warm, even in the Winter meaning that looking out for frost damage is hardly ever an issue. It also means that certain seasons start a little earlier here like Spring and Summer – temperatures will rise to higher values earlier which will affect weed and pest lifecycles.
  • The Type: While there isn’t one perfect turf variety for Brisbane there are a number of options that are suitable for individual locations depending on their unique characteristics that determine the most suitable turf variety of your home.


Working in with the Queensland Climate to get Brisbane’s Best Lawn

Working in with Queensland climate is an must if you want to achieve the lawn of your dreams. Hot and humid conditions, paired with heavy rainfall can sometimes create a haven in your lawn for pest activity and lawn diseases; especially fungal infections. So keep an eye for these, as diseases can sometimes vary depending on the type of turf you choose. The qualities you want to be looking out for when you choose a turf type to install in your backyard in the Brisbane region are the following:

  • Drought tolerance: For the Queensland climate it is a must that your turf is able to withstand  periods of drought in the warmer months.
  • Shade tolerance: This will really depend on what is in your yard. If your yard is in full sun and you plan on keeping it that way you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to turf. If your yard is in heavy shade you will need to choose a turf that is able to grow and thrive in those conditions.
  • Pest & Disease tolerance: As mentioned earlier, the weather in Queensland does sometimes make your lawn a prime target for pests and disease so it is best to choose a variety that is tolerant to these changes and able to bounce back quickly.
  • Mowing frequency: Something to consider if you don’t like mowing frequently. Some varieties grow quicker than others and need a more frequent mowing schedule.
  • Winter shade: This is really more about aesthetics. The winter can always bit a bit harsh on the look of your lawn but some varieties are green all year round.
  • Soil Type: The Brisbane region consists of four main soil types. These are dark alluvial soils, deep red loamy soils, shallow gravelly soils and gravelly red and yellow loamy top soils over clay. You can check which soil is the most prominent in your suburb on the Brisbane City Council Website.

After you identify a list of qualities you need your turf to meet to thrive in your backyard, simply match these up with the right turf for the job to get your competition worthy lawn.


Turf breeds that work best in Queensland

To get a beautiful, manicured lawn that is sure to blow the competition out of the water, these lawn types are the best choices for the Brisbane climate and the Brisbane soil.

  • Soft Leaf Buffalo: Buffalo Grass has been a popular turf choice in Queensland for decades and for a good reason. It is low maintenance, green and lush all season long, shade tolerant, hard wearing. Varieties like Palmetto Buffalo Turf and Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf are also salt tolerant and are able to be used across a number of different soil types.
  • Queensland Blue: Built specifically for Queensland conditions Queensland Blue Couch is weed resistant, drought resistant and resistant to wear and tear. It retains its colour through winter and is salt tolerant.
  • Zoysia: Empire Zoysia Turf or Sir Grange Turf are great choices for Queensland as they require very little maintenance, retain their colour through the cooler months, are resilient when it comes to changes in humidity and high temperatures and tolerate wear and tear.
  • Couch: Couch varieties like Nullarbor Couch are not only a more cost effective option, they are also disease and heat resistant. They do require a bit of extra maintenance but new varieties like Aussie Blue Couch have been built for the Australian and will fair well in the Queensland climate. Unfortunately couch doesn’t do well in shaded areas so a yard that gets full sun is best.
  • Other turf varieties: Other popular Queensland choices include Kikuyu, Broad Leaf Carpet Grass and Fescue


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