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How to Get the Perfect Looking Brisbane Lawn

The perfect looking Brisbane lawn. It might seem like a tall order in southeast Queensland, where we’ve experienced drought-like conditions to flooding rains and even frost! But a year-round lush green lawn is absolutely achievable. Read on for our lawn care tips, whether you’re laying new turf or coaxing your established lawn to perfection.

How to Get the Perfect Looking Brisbane Lawn

Get a head start with right turf in Brisbane

Choosing the right turf for your region will give you the best chance of growing and maintaining a perfect lawn. Our range of turfs includes a great choice of ‘warm season’ grasses that are suited to the southeast Queensland climate and conditions. Buffalo turf is a great, low maintenance, durable choice that look fantastic year-round. And Sir Walter DNA Certified is the only choice when it comes to choosing a low maintenance buffalo lawn. It’s long been Australia’s favourite lawn, with good reason. It’s shade and drought tolerant and ideal for homes with children, pets, shaded areas and sun. Its DNA certification means it’s free from weeds, pests and foreign grasses. Our range of couch turfs are smart choice for sunnier backyards, with little shade. Because they have a thin-bladed texture and lush, green look they’re also an extremely popular choice for dense ground coverage. Queensland Blue Couch is resistant to weeds, drought-like conditions and is relatively resistant to wear and tear. It is also a great choice for sandy, coastal conditions. Zoysia grasses are known for their emerald, green hue and are a great, low maintenance choice for conditions from coastal to drought. Once they’re established, Zoysias require less mowing and watering compared to other varieties. Their fine, soft leaf make Zoysias great for pets and children. And they’re weed resistant, great for heavy foot traffic and unaffected by high temperatures or humidity changes. Empire Zoysia is also a more cost-effective option for those turfing their yard on a budget. If you need any guidance in laying turf in Brisbane, have a read all about it here.

The perfect Brisbane lawn

If your lawn is established but looking less than perfect, working out the root cause will help you find the solution. Our post on How to Save your Lawn works through common issues including:
  • Heat damage
  • Weed infestation
  • Thatchy brown patches
  • Compacted soil
  • Ruts, bumps + lumps
  • Neglect
If you’ve identified a pest infestation is the cause of your lawn grief, Acelepryn GR granular formulation is a super easy, single application pest control solution. It protects your lawn from a range of pests including lawn grubs, Billbugs, Lawn Armyworms and a range of caterpillar species. Acelepryn GR has high turf safety, low environmental impact and is exempt from poison scheduling.

Turf in Brisbane – perfect lawn maintenance

Like most things, your lawn will thrive with regular attention and a little TLC.


How often you should water your lawn very much depends on where you live, the season and your grass type. Our Brisbane lawns tend to be ‘warm season grasses’ such as buffalo and couch. The rule of thumb for watering frequency is:
  • In summer, aim to water every three to four days.
  • During spring and autumn, aim to water every seven to ten days.
  • In winter, water as required.


Fertilising might be the most important Brisbane lawn care tip that we can offer. For most lawn varieties, plan to fertilise three to four times a year. Regularly scheduled fertilising will give your lawn the essential nutrients needed for sustainable, healthy growth. Even if you have just laid turf in Brisbane, fertilising will give it the best chance to take hold. Lawn food is a great option for getting your lawn looking green and lush. It’s in granular form, making it easy to evenly spread and store. If your lawn needs a little weed control as well as fertilising, Oxafert is a multipurpose herbicide and fertiliser. It can control the spread of weeds as well as give your lawn a boost. When you fertilise, be sure to spread it out as evenly as possible. Then give it a good water to ensure the fertiliser soaks in, is off the leaf and away from family and pets.

Man mowing a lush green Brisbane lawn


A regular mowing schedule is a key part of Brisbane lawn maintenance. We’re often asked how often you should mow your lawn, so we wrote a post about it, along with our top five tips:
  1. Get to know your lawn variety and set a regular mowing schedule.
  2. Aim for 3cm length in summer and 6cm length in winter.
  3. Never cut more than one third of the grass with each mow.
  4. Adjust your mowing schedule in response to the seasons.
  5. Your best guide is the length of your grass!

Turf Experts – Here to Help!

Whether laying new turf or giving a little TLC to your existing lawn, we have everything you need for a green, lush lawn. We’re always happy to talk all things turf. And keep an eye on our product info page and how to page. You’ll find helpful product info, as well as helpful blog posts like this and more. And if there’s anything else, remember you can contact the expert team at Rock n Soil any time!