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We're open for business. Call 07 3245 5677 before 1pm for no contact same day delivery!

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It’s greener on your side of the fence when you have the right products from Rock n Soil. Upgrade your garden or green space with the fresh look of turf. We can advise on the right option to suit your conditions.

Want an easy and convenient way to make your lawn look fresh and tidy?

With a few simple lawn preparation steps and making the correct selection of turf species, you can freshen up the yard in no time.

Our turf is sourced from a supplier with over 50 years farming experience, giving you guaranteed expert service and advise at your fingertips.

You’ll guaranteed freshness with same day cutting giving you the freshest of fresh, the greenest of green.

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Benefits of choosing our turf

Easy to install

Need help installing your turf? Look no further... let our experience, tips and tricks be your guide.

Read our how to guide >

Wide range to suit the living area

You can be assured that our team will assist in making the right turf choice for your application. Helping you work through and narrow down the most suitable option for your situation.

Great way to freshen up your space

Is your yard looking a little under the weather? Sick of the kids bringing their dirty feet in the house? Trying to sell your house and want to impress prospective buyers? Why not freshen your space with the lush green addition of turf.

Which turf is right for me?

Get the best out of your investment by making the correct choice in selecting the best turf for your area. Sun, shade, kids and even the family pet can impact the variety most suitable for your application. Let us help you make the correct selection to give you the best results.


A scientifically developed Bermuda hybrid grass which combines increased drought/shade/ wear tolerance with a soft yet resilient leaf. It has an excellent winter colour.

Sir Grange

Sir Grange (Zoysia) is a richly textured dark green grass which is incredibly low maintenance. It requires less mowing, fertilising and exposure to sunlight in order to thrive.

Sir Walter DNA Certified

Known to be shade tolerant with a distinctive, broad leaf. Lovely deep green hue. Cushiony to the touch and attractive in any season. A genetically pure stock that comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and backed by a 10-Year Warranty.

Nullarbor Couch

A dense turf with luscious colour and great coverage. Delivers excellent wear. Ideal for full sun areas.

QLD Blue Couch

Suitable for coastal climates, QLD Blue Couch adapts well – even to soils that are sandy/acidic. It’s able to withstand lower soil fertility but will also respond well to the addition of fertiliser.

Choose What’s Right For Your Garden

Let’s talk soil – Did you know that various soil types have a profile?

This will determine suitability for a range of gardening and landscaping applications. Maybe you want to give your backyard veggies the best chance to sprout. Or, you need to create some greenery as part of a bigger landscaping project! Which soil should you use?

It will more than likely come down to attributes such as moisture control, drainage/aeration, organic nutrients and pH balance. But, you needn’t trouble yourself with all the complicated details.

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