Cherry Red Cypress Mulch

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This vibrant red cypress mulch will certainly brighten up your garden! Rich in hue and finely chopped, this decorative mulch is perfect for garden beds and pots. On top of looking great, the red cypress mulch provides gardeners with natural termite resistance of a fresh cypress aroma when they are out and about in the garden.

This red mulch has been specially engineered and uses a natural colourant to make it pop. It goes through a different grounding and colouring process to other mulches to give it that high end look and feel. It’s also got a finer texture and longer-lasting colour holding properties. Our Red Cypress Mulch has also gone through robust testing and complies with Australian Standard 4454-2012.

Red Cypress Mulch Benefits

  • Rich, long-lasting red colour
  • Retains moisture, reducing water requirements for your garden
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Natural termite resistance
  • Long-lasting
  • 100% genuine cypress

Price is per m3

Measure and Order

Ready to order Red Cypress Mulch? Getting the correct measurement first is vital. And figuring out how to do that doesn’t have to be confusing. Check out our easy measurement guide to ensure you’re getting what you need for your project. We always suggest you add a 5% safety net to make sure you have a little extra if anything should go wrong. 

We also recommend that this product should be used on the day, the natural colourants in the product have the potential to stain if left on driveways, pavers or concrete for long periods of time. To prepare for your delivery we recommend popping a large tarp in the location you wish your mulch to be dropped off in to avoid any transferral of colour.

Best Time to Order

We’re always here to help, so anytime is a great time to order your Red Cypress Mulch. Unlike turf, mulch can easily hang about for a week until you’re ready to use it. But you do want to consider where you’ll store it if you aren’t ready to use it straight away. 

If you don’t have a convenient space to store your turf, it’s best to order it for a day or weekend when you have plenty of time to complete your project. 

Delivery Options

We’re always happy to deliver. Just get in touch with our helpful team to find out your options. 

And if you’ve run short of time, we can even do same day delivery! Find out more in our delivery policy

Cherry Red Cypress Mulch. Measure and order today.

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