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Construction Materials

Construction Materials

Whether you’re at home on on-the-job, you can depend on Rock N Soil for quality and range in construction materials, at a competitive price.

The Right Stuff to Make your Garden Grow

There are a wide range of materials used in construction

Let’s look put one of our products under the microscope and take a look at sand. With this product, cleanliness is very important. Especially for meticulous projects such as laying brick. Our sand is known by tradies to be extremely high-grade and it’s safe to say they know what they are talking about!

You can select from premium bedding sand/medium river sand for laying pavers, washed pit sand/plasterer’s sand (perfect for bagging or rendering a wall), concrete blend (mixed with cement to make concrete), or brickie’s loam for well, laying bricks. Plus a range of other solutions to aid construction, like draining gravel, concrete, cement and even road base.

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