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Bulk Bag

Bulk Bag

Go ahead and hoist all your supplies into one of our handy hold-alls. You might say an easier on-site experience is in the bag!

Need to source your supplies in bulk? Our bulk bags are your ideal solution.

Convenience is what we strive for at Rock ‘n’ Soil and we’re all about providing nifty solutions to help make getting your products even easier!

Bulk bags (or as we call them, builder bags) are one of our most popular requests from tradies and anyone who works on commercial projects. Not only are they easy to fill up and carry, but they also make delivery a breeze!

Explore the Benefits of Bulk Bags

Keep your product contaminant free

Your product won’t get polluted with contaminants. Plus, what you ordered stays put, even in tight and restricted areas.

Keeps your driveway clear

Gather up all that you’ll potentially need for the job. Place it all in a bag away from your driveway and other access points so you can work with no worries.

No need for a trailer

Don’t have a trailer on hand? That’s ok because our bags give you another option. You can buy your products in bulk and transport them the old-fashioned way.

They are versatile and handy

Bulk bags can be craned up multi-story buildings, or you can just store them to the side to be accessed when they’re needed.

Bulk Bags are reusable

Do your bit for the environment and save a few dollars in the process. Retain your bags for use time and time again!

Not just for tradies

They work equally well to stack, haul and store all manner of bulk product; whether that’s for your DIY project, your garden, or any other landscaping task.


Bulk/Builders Bags available

After much anticipation our bulk bags aka builder bags are now available as a handy solution for all of our customers. Make sure you ask for them next time you’re selecting your bulk supplies. Or drop in and grab a few bags for future use.

Onsite hopper can fill bags while you wait

After selecting your products in bulk, you can “take five” while our onsite hopper fills your bags for you. Yes, we make it that easy and you’ll be on your way in a jiffy!

Capable of supplying any bulk product in a bag

No matter what you’re after from our range of bulk landscaping supplies we can bag it up for you. Our bulk bags are built tough and are highly versatile so you’ll have all you need and more!

Ready to do some bulk ordering?

Explore our products online and start your commercial project planning today!