We are CLOSED over the Easter Period ( Fri 29th March-Mon 1st April). Rock 'N' Soil began as Tingalpa Landscaping Supplies (TLS) in 1981. About Tingalpa Landscape Supplies


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About Us

About Us

Doing some soil searching? You’ll find a product to set you up with the perfect base.

From Rough ‘N’ Ready Roots…

Rock ‘N’ Soil Tingalpa has a history almost as rich and colourful as its range of landscaping supplies. Some might remember us as Tingalpa Landscaping Supplies. Under this name, the business first opened its doors in 1981. We’re talking about a bygone era; a time when mullets ruled and we didn’t have to bring back the biff– because it was a way of life.

The company at this time was based around selling timber logs and was located on the corner of Manly and New Cleveland roads in Tingalpa (in the greater Brisbane region). Moving with the times, a need to diversify to a much wider range of landscaping supplies became apparent. Now we’ve gotten down to the nitty gritty with a wide range of landscaping supplies to suit your landscaping needs!

Rock ‘N’ Soil now operates under the Sihota family umbrella

With our large fleet of trucks we service the greater Brisbane and Bayside area. Offering same day delivery, expert product knowledge and customer service with a smile; we’ve stayed true to our roots!

(We also own The Flower Farm down the road in Birkdale)

…To a Legendary Landscaping Legacy

Today we have a close relationship with quarries and a strong local presence.

Today at Rock ‘N’ Soil Tingalpa, we have a close relationship with quarries and a strong local presence. The large home improvement stores are no match for us when it comes to product knowledge and customer service. You can rely on our friendly team for expert practical advice – every day of the week.

Why the Tradies and customers always come back, we’re
All about the nitty gritty.

We go the extra mile

We go the extra mile, such as multi-tipping at no additional charge (we won’t just offload your product at the gate). Plus, we won’t make you wait around. That’s because we know you have a task to get right back to, and nothing is too much of an ask for our friendly team. Here at Rock ‘n’ Soil, it’s no dramas!

Wide variety and range

Our buying power means we can keep supplying anything that you’ve become accustomed to, or need to complete a project. You’ll notice that very few products are a run-out feature, and that really sets us apart. And, no – we don’t slap our supplies down any old place. Our easy-access bays are made with a concrete base, resulting in an uncontaminated product and no risk of digging into the earth.

The tradies' choice

Our landscaping supplies are the obvious choice for tradies and anyone who’s concerned with quality. We are proud to be connoisseurs in our field, sourcing only premium products, backed by unbeatable service. At Rock ‘n’ Soil, we’re not only true blue – we’ve got the most trusted range!