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The Best Time of Year to Lay Turf in Brisbane

The Best Time of Year to Lay Turf in Brisbane

When you’re ready to update your garden spaces with fresh sod, or create an all-new lawn, you need to know the best time of year to lay turf in Brisbane. This knowledge will help maximise healthy growth and ensure your turf money and time has been well spent. Let’s talk all things turf.


The Best Time of Year to Lay Turf in Brisbane

The ideal time to lay turf in Brisbane is during the warmer but moderate months. Temperatures that aren’t too hot, but are certainly not cold, give optimum conditions for grass growing and for deep root systems to establish. But really, we’re pretty lucky here in Brisbane. With our climate even our winters tend to be mild. Because of that, you can lay Brisbane turf year-round, though there are times that are more optimal than others. blades-of-grass-in-the-sunlight

Spring – Gold Medal Timing

Spring in Brisbane is the optimum time to lay turf. In fact, if you’re looking to lay Brisbane turf, September might be the perfect month. Moderate temperatures mean conditions are ideal for active growth and for deep root systems to establish. Rainfall tends to be reasonable, which helps as freshly laid turf needs plenty of water. We Suggest: Our premium Queensland Blue Couch turf is a warm season grass perfect for the coastal regions of Queensland. Tip: Spring is also a great time to feed and fertilise your established lawns too, to give a jump start to the growth phase. Backyard

Autumn – Takes Silver

Early in the Brisbane autumn months is a silver-medal winning time to lay turf. Temperatures remain warm during the day without cooling too far at night (as they might in the later autumn months). Your turf will have time to establish a deep root system and start to grow well before the cooler months of winter arrive. Moderate temps mean less evaporation, too, so your turf will hold water for longer. And in autumn, soil is at an ideal temperature. We Suggest: Sir Grange zoysia is a versatile Brisbane turf choice. It’s low maintenance and great for laying in Brisbane autumns and anytime (provided it gets at least two hours of sunlight per day!). Tip: Autumn can be dry and breezy in Brisbane. Use a soil wetter to help maintain a lush lawn. turf in a wheelbarrow

Summer – Brings Home Bronze

Summer is still a relatively good season to lay turf in Brisbane, as the long hours of sunshine will help the turf to take root and grow. If you can, lay early in summer, while temperatures are still mild enough to mimic spring’s optimum growth and deep roots developing phases. The hotter months will require much more time and attention to ensure a healthy, lush lawn. Regardless, summer is a high-intensity watering time. You’ll have to find the time to water both morning and late afternoon when the light is less intense, to ensure the roots remain moist. Daily watering is particularly important for new turf, until it has taken root. We Suggest: If you are laying at the height of summer and your yard gets a lot of direct sunlight, Nullabor Couch (Hybrid Bermuda) is a great choice. It’s highly heat resistant and thrives in summer. You can also take advantage of the lower upfront costs associated with this turf (if you can maintain a dedicated lawn care program). Tip: Automatic waterers during the summer months can lessen the time needed to start your lawn growing well. Getting-soil-ready-for-turf

Brisbane – Fantastic Runner Ups

Despite winter’s off-podium finish in the seasonal turf race, Brisbane winters remain relatively warm. So, laying turf mid-year can be a great choice. And there are some benefits to laying turf in winter too.
  • Lower water usage, as you will not need to water your lawn anywhere near as much as in the warmer seasons.
  • There is plenty of time for your lawn to take root. With proper lawn care, your turf will be lush and green by summer.
  • Your mowing time is less, until the weather warms up.
Remember that in cooler months, turf takes longer to root down properly – and it may not root down at all until the weather warms up enough. In fact, it can effectively sit idle for months. While it’s always important to properly prepare your lawn before laying any turf, this is even more important in winter months to ensure it thrives all the way to summer! We Suggest: A great choice for Brisbane turf that will work well in winter is Sir Walter DNA Certified. It’s a low maintenance, high-colour buffalo grass suitable for nearly every backyard. Tip: If you live in an area with water restrictions, winter is the best time to lay turf as your water requirements will be nearly halved during that season. If you’re keen to learn more about how to lay turf, check out these tips from Brisbane turf experts and our tops suggestions for the best turf for your yard! And if there’s anything else, remember you can contact the expert team at Rock n Soil any time. We’d love to talk turf with you.