How to keep your garden beds weed-free

Now as we are coming into spring, it is that time of the year when we start to see those pesky weeds once again making an appearance in our yard. One of the worst places to see those weeds starting to break through is in your garden beds. They can be very difficult to remove for good and can compete with your established plants for water as the summer heats up. This is why using some good weed matting is a great way to keep those weeds at bay. To chat a bit about the benefits of using a quality weed mat, we had a chat to Anne from textile superstars Geofabrics. geofabric-in-action

A bit about Geofabrics

Geofabrics have been in the industrial textiles game for over 40 years providing smarter infrastructure solutions for clients and providing their expertise on some of the biggest projects in Australia and New Zealand. Their products are made to industry standards and are made with product and installation specifications for tenders in mind. pulling-out-weeds

What does Geofabrics recommend using under soil as a weed deterrent?

Weeds will always find a way to grow through or grow on top of any weed deterrent, but you could use a weed matting which is made from a woven geotextile. Our Geotextile will allow water to penetrate through while separating the sub soil and garden soil or rock, how ever again you will never stop is 100%. Another note, our BIDIM Filter Wrap is made from recycled bottles and is made right here in Australia at our Manufacturing plant at Albury. paver-pathway

Where does weed matting make the most impact?

I personally would recommend weed matting under pathways and even garden beds to help stop the need to have to pull weeds out. geofabrics-textiles

What are the benefits of using weed matting in garden beds?

I would highly recommend using a matting as this over time will degrade and not harm the soil as plastic is made from PVC and doesn’t break down. rolling-out-weedmat

How do you install weed matting?

Installation is very easy, I highly recommend pinning or putting weights on one end and rolling out the desired length required, once cut repeat the process with an overlap of minimum 100mm to avoid gaps in material.

What are some of the reasons that geofabrics weedmat are a cut above the rest?

BIDIM Filter Wrap is made from recycled bottles including the wrapping and core and is made right here in Australia at our Manufacturing plant at Albury, which is why I could recommend the product enough!

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