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5 Pool Area Ideas and Tips for a Summer Refresh

The hot weather has arrived! It’s the time of year that many of us start using our pools more and more. And many of us also start noticing where things aren’t looking as fresh as we might like! So, how’s your pool area looking? Does it need a refresh? Are you feeling stuck for ideas? At Rock’N’Soil, we’ve got endless pool area ideas, whether you’re thinking of a minor refresh or a major makeover. image of grey decking with orange and white deck chair and the pool in the background

Pool area ideas

If your pool area is looking less than its best, it might be time to do something about it. Your pool is exposed to the weather year-round, as well as salt, chlorine and regular pool care chemicals. Over time, your pool area elements can start to fade, become damaged or just become past their prime. We’re here to help you with a few affordable and easy DIY pool area ideas, so you’re ready to make the most of the hot weather. You know your own DIY capabilities. Some of our ideas may need a pool builder or experienced tradesperson to complete. close up image of orange pool tiles with blue smaller tiles between


A popular DIY pool restoration idea is to replace pool area tiles. Tiles around your pool can shift or sink as the years pass. Any movement in your tiles can cause a trip hazard, which isn’t ideal in a busy – and slippery – area. Our range of Adbri Euro Classic Pavers and Abode Bullnose Pavers are premium quality, slip resistant, salt resistant and easy to maintain. They’re a great choice to use around pools – as well as around water features, patios, driveways and garden paths. pool-with-water-feature


Adding a water feature to your pool area creates a great focal point -particularly when you can see the feature from your home or outdoor area. The sound of gently trickling water is relaxing and calming – and can be enjoyed year-round, even when the weather is cooler. We have a great range of pool rocks to choose from for your DIY water feature, as well as a blog post on how to make a stunning water feature with rocks. image of pool with purple lighting at dusk with rock walls and some decking and garden surrounding it for pool area ideas


Illumination could be the pool area idea you’ve been waiting for. If your pool area is currently completely dark, or starkly lit by dazzling, deer-in-the-headlight lamps, it’s time for a refresh. Illuminating your pool area with the latest in LED lighting will make a huge difference to your enjoyment of your space this summer. There are plenty of long-lasting and energy-efficient LED pool lighting systems on the market. Clever lighting can highlight your pool and surrounding space, add warmth and depth and even create a sense of fun. If you have an existing outdoor entertaining space, lighting can create a sense of cohesion between the two, and help you to enjoy your outdoor area year-round. image of grey decking with blue pool overlooking the ocean and the rainforest


A brand-new deck is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your space. You can replace your existing decking or take the opportunity to increase your deck footprint. Or if your deck is still in good nick, give it a good clean and update with a fresh coat of decking oil or stain. A refreshed deck could be the element you need to increase the versatility and your enjoyment of the space this summer. We have a great range of hardwoods, including sleepers, to refresh your outdoor deck area. Being hardwood means the sleepers are naturally termite and rot resistant. They’ve also been treated to withstand Australian weather extremes, which will keep your deck looking good for longer. image of pool in garden with small amount of decking, surrounded by garden and lawn with a playhouse in the background for pool area ideas

Add a pool garden

If your pool area is looking a little barren, a pool garden is a great DIY project. It will add warmth to your pool area, can be used to create privacy and a sense of intimacy and it will grow into a beautiful space to enjoy year-round. Our three-tiered Redcor metal planter is a great starting point for a new garden area, particularly if your available pool area is small. Made from Redcor steel, the planter suits all weathers. Its stunning scarlet metal will form a stable oxide layer over time, which creates a ‘patina’. Our range of Botando seeds will add your choice of greenery or flowers to your space.

We're here to help with all your pool area ideas

Whatever pool area ideas are right for you and your space, we are here to help. Your pool area should be a space for fun and relaxation – as well as non-slip for safety. Get in touch with our expert team at Rock’n’Soil so we can talk through your ideas. And keep an eye on our how to and product info pages for more blog posts like this one.