close up of lush green Sir Grange Turf a zoysia grass

Everything You Want to Know About Sir Grange Turf

If you’re interested in having a green, thriving lawn, you’ve probably heard of Sir Grange turf. Sir Grange Zoysia is well known for making one of the most beautiful lawns in Australia. That’s why it’s one of the top choices for high-end golf courses such as Teven Valley, Killara and Indooroopilly. It’s also a fantastic choice for your home garden. Cut short it has the appearance of a gorgeous, green carpet, and is a lush landscape for your family to enjoy your home. Of course before you make any final decisions you’ll probably want to know as much as you can about this versatile lawn. So our experts have pulled together everything you want to know about Sir Grange turf. close up image of lush green sir grange turf

Everything you want to know about Sir Grange turf


Sir Grange turf was developed in Texas by one of the largest grass breeders in the US – Bladerunner Farms. In fact, Bladerunner is an incredibly active zoysia grass research facility. And their goal with Sir Grange was to create a superior turf with a beautiful dark green leaf and a lush, dense, even matted quality that made it perfect for golf courses. In fact, it was used on the Rio Olympics Golf Course and on world-class courses designed by Tiger Woods and Greg Norman.


We’ve already mentioned some of the excellent qualities of Sir Grange turf, but here are those and more:
  • Beautiful dark green colour
  • Dense, matted quality
  • Exceptional tensile strength
  • Robust rhizome and root growth
  • Weed resistant
  • Drought hardy
man laying turf kneeling down in a flannel shirt with gardening glvoes on

Installing and establishment

As with all turf, once it’s delivered you need to be quick on the draw to get it installed before it dries out. Our same day delivery can help with that, or we’re happy to schedule a delivery for whenever it suits you best. To install Sir Grange take the following steps:
  1. Lay a bed of turf overlay, a good sandy loam base is best – generally 100 to 200mm depending on the current quality of the soil in your space
  2. Roll over the space with a soil compactor
  3. Lay your turf according to our How to Lay Turf guide
  4. Soak the new turf for at least 45 minutes each day for the first month or so
Sir Grange turf is slow growing, so it can take up to 18 weeks to fully establish, even in warm growing conditions. The best time to install Sir Grange turf is autumn. But because Brisbane is quite warm, you really can lay it anytime. image of a man in boots mowing sir grange turf


Regular feeding

Unlike other types of turf, Sir Grange has been created to need less nutrients. Because of that you’ll only need about a third of the amount of regular fertilisation. A regular fertilisation schedule is still a good idea – but just once a year should suffice, in spring or early summer. We recommend a good all-in-one fertiliser like our Premium Lawn Food.

Consistent irrigation

Again, Sir Grange turf has been created to be drought resistant. So you really only need to water when the grass needs it. You can tell when the grass needs water when the blades start to wilt. In the winter months you may need to water very little. When watering is needed you should aim for a thorough wetting early in the morning. 15 minutes twice a week is generally enough to encourage strong root growth.

Proper mowing

Sir Grange turf can be maintained at a short 20mm or a longer 40mm and will look fantastic no matter what you prefer. Because of the way it was bred, it’s very strong, and it’s upright and dense growth means that it looks good at almost any length. Regardless of the length you prefer, in the summer months you will need to cut more often and perhaps leave the blades a bit longer to allow a little more root shade. On the other hand, the winter you will certainly have to mow less. However, getting onto the proper mowing schedule will go a long way to keeping your lawn happy and healthy throughout the year. lush green sir grange turf in front of an apartment complex with a water feature and garden plantings around the edges

Weed and pests

Sir Grange turf is naturally weed resistant because it has natural allelopathic characteristics. This means that it actually inhibits the growth of other plants by releasing natural chemicals. Of course, some weed control will still be necessary. And you’ll want to look out for pests too. When you see signs of weeds and pests, you’ll want to find the right commercial treatment. Most can be used on Sir Grange turf, but double check this with the retailer or manufacturer before using. Looking to lay a world-class lawn? Then Sir Grange Zoysia might be the one for you! And at Rock’n’Soil we have all the tips and tricks and ‘how-to’ guides you need to keep your lawn looking fabulous all year round. If you’re looking for any other cool weekend projects, we’ve got those too! And if you have any questions – about Sir Grange Zoysia or anything else – get in touch. Our expert team is here to help!