Image of winding path through green grass for relaxing outdoor spaces

7 Ways to Create More Relaxing Outdoor Spaces

Your outdoor spaces are an extension of your home. And they need to be just as functional, beautiful and peaceful as your home itself. But if your garden doesn’t feel relaxing at the moment, don’t worry. We’ve got seven ways to create more relaxing outdoor spaces for your own home.

7 Ways to Create More Relaxing Outdoor Spaces

1. Private Spaces

One of the first things you’ll want to think about is privacy. Having privacy from your neighbours, as well as private nooks within your garden itself, are both excellent ways to create more relaxing outdoor spaces. Imagine hanging out in a space that is open to the neighbourhood or overlooked by houses. Not too peaceful! On the other hand, an area that is private to your family through carefully placed fences, screens, hedges, trees or walls, gives you the space to fully relax without any eyes on you. Within the garden itself consider arbours and gazebos, small areas of overhead roofing or spaces separated by retaining walls. All can give you that sense of discovery as you move through the garden. And they also give you a place to read or have a cup of tea in peace and quiet as well! pebble-pathway

2. Pebbled Path

A pebbled path lends both an interesting and relaxing element to your outdoor spaces. The path, winding through the garden, can create a peaceful view for the eye and the pebbles add a sense of Zen to the environment. The textural elements of pebbles are known to invite spontaneity, risk-taking, exploration, discovery and connection with nature in kids’ learning spaces. Imagine what it could do in your home garden. You can lay garden pebbles in whatever pattern appeals to you and your family, adding a personal element to your landscaping as well. Whether you choose polished pebbles or a more natural look, red or ivory, is entirely up to you and the look and feel you want to create in your own garden. water-feature-close-up

3. Water Feature

A water feature is one of the best ways to create a relaxing outdoor space. They look great. They create an aesthetic focal point for your home. And they become a natural place to gather with family and friends. But most importantly (for our purposes), the sound and sight of water flowing over natural stone is calming and soothing. Creating a water feature isn’t as difficult as you might think. (In fact, you can read all about how to DIY your own water feature here!). You just need the right supplies, and a little know how to get started today. fire-pit

4. Fire Pit

A fire pit is another excellent way to bring relaxation and enjoyment to your garden. Whether it’s the central feature or tucked away in a private pocket, a fire pit adds charm, cosiness and warmth. They are also very welcoming, inviting you and your family to sit around the fire, have a chat, and just spend time together, away from the stress and pressures of the world. water-feature

5. Zen Garden

A traditional Zen garden is a stunning (and calming) addition to your outdoor space. Known as a karesansui in Japan, this garden is a minimalist dry landscape that uses the natural elements of rock, gravel, sand and wood to create a simplistic and tranquil area. You might also consider adding in additional hard elements such as bridges, statues or stone lanterns. Your Zen garden will also work very well as a separated part of your garden, where you can retreat from the day-to-day hustle. relaxing-outdoor-space

6. Organic Landscaping

Once you’ve added in all your peaceful hard landscaping elements, you also want to consider your soft scapes. The key here is to choose plants that work well in your environment, while still evoking a peaceful feeling. In South East Queensland you could consider liriopes, kangaroo paws or dianellas. You might also want to add in an herb garden or include some fragrant elements throughout your other plantings. Rosemary and thyme grow well in our climate and add a beautiful scent to your space too. beetle-eating-leaf

7. Low Maintenance and Pest Free

One way to truly keep your garden peaceful is to keep it low maintenance and pest free. Your garden won’t feel like a calm place to be if every time you head outside you just see all the jobs that need doing, or are inundated with bugs and mozzies. To create a relaxing outdoor space that is both low maintenance and pest fee consider:
  • Perennial plants with low water consumption
  • Lawn areas planted with robust, drought-resistant turf like zoysia or buffalo.
  • Utilising a single-application pest solution that will protect your garden from lawn grubs, African Black Beetles, Argentinian Scarabs, billbugs and destructive caterpillar species like cutworm and armyworm
  • Mozzie-controlling plants such as basil, citronella, lavender or lemon thyme
  • Cleaning up any clutter


At the end of the day, you want to ensure that you’re making the most out of your garden. And the more relaxing it is, the more you will love spending time in it! These tips will help you get more enjoyment and relaxation out of your garden every day. Whether you choose to add a fire pit or a water feature, or even add a Zen element, your garden can be a beautiful, relaxing outdoor space for you and your family all year around. We’ve got tips to DIY many of these projects, and all the products you need to create your own home oasis. Get in touch with our expert team at Rock n Soil any time – we’re here to help!