5 reasons to use concrete pavers in your yard

5 reasons to use concrete pavers in your yard

When it comes to using concrete in landscaping there are two camps of people. Those who see the endless design possibilities and those who recoil back thinking of the concrete creations of the 1970s. Nowadays concrete is one of the most versatile options available when it comes to garden design. Making a comeback in modern Australian gardens, we went to the experts to ask how you can make concrete pavers and edgings work in your space. concrete-garden-edging-with-flora To give us some tips on using concrete in your yard we had a chat to our friends from Austwide 2000, the local, bespoke suppliers that work with us to stock the very best in concrete masonry. Austwide have their finger on the pulse when it comes to everything concrete and are known for their wide range of colours and finishes.

What are some of the design trends you've seen emerge in the concrete market over the last year?

With everyone staying home, now more than ever there has been an increase focus on the home landscaping market. Small parts of the yard the were otherwise untouched are being transformed in ways we have never seen before. There has also been a focus on sustainability so we have noticed a rise in small veggie patches. Small ornamental garden pockets are also popular as they can be maintained easily for those working from home but are small enough that they won't be to much trouble when we all head back into the office. Concrete makes a great framework for these sort of gardens and adds value to the home. pavers-laid-in-between-moss

What are some of the reasons to use concrete in your yard?

There is such a wide range of concrete products available on the market that there is always something that will meet a persons needs and will fit in with their vision. The simplicity of concrete with its strength, durability and timelessness will enhance a garden for a lifetime. Concrete is also versatile enough to move with the times, you can always render for a new look or build upon concrete for a multi- hardscaped look - which at the moment is very popular. With small concrete products you can redo, move or expand your projects. Concrete is also great for creating symmetry and angles in your space. installing-concrete-garden-edging

What are some properties that make concrete masonry better than other forms of edging/pavers?

By using concrete products in your garden you do the job once and it lasts and lasts. Say goodbye to white ants, dry root and weathering. The range of finishes, textures, shapes and colours is extensive and there are a number of paving patterns you can create. The sizes of pavers also allow for patterns to be off set. Plus there are some great products for gardeners like tree surrounds. If you are unsure about how you can use concrete in your space, ask to see the information sheets for inspiration for your garden layout - there are probably a lot more options than you realize.


What do you do to make sure your concrete products last a lifetime?

Austwide2000 has developed a number of methods that enhance the finish and strength of its concrete. This have been done by what goes into the concrete and techniques used in making the product. All our products are reinforced with 5mm deformed wire. The steps, car bump stops and sleepers have 7.6mm deformed wire. We use oxides to colour our product making the colour go right through the item.


What are some maintenance tips you can give to keep your concrete products looking brand new?

The key to a good job is the preparation. All concrete needs a good foundation. Course sand or crusher dust are the best. This gives a good bed for the product and also lessens any movement when the soil dries out. To keep your more decorative areas looking like new, you can apply a concrete sealer. If you use Austwide2000 coloured products, the colour goes all the way through. To clean your path and edging simply hose or pressure spray for the best result. pavers-laid-in-between-rocks

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