image of retaining walls and a paved path with stairs dotted with garden beds for masonry maintenance

How to keep your masonry looking like brand new

So, you’ve just installed a retaining wall or pavers in your yard. You’re probably loving the neat and tidy look it brings to your garden. But if you want to maintain that freshly-built look, you’ll need some masonry maintenance. We have some tips from the experts in everything masonry to help you keep your retaining wall and pavers looking as good as new. Apex Masonry have been in the hardscapes business since 1979, producing bricks, blocks and pavers from a mix of high-grade, unique materials sourced from local Aussie quarries. We had a chat to them about how to maintain pavers and retaining walls so you get the most out of your purchase. retaining-wall-and-other-levels

What is your number one tip for masonry maintenance?

Bricks, blocks and pavers are known for their durability, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. The trick to long-lasting masonry that stays beautiful for years is to keep up with the appropriate masonry maintenance. Simply taking the time every six months to wash down your retaining walls or sweeping your pavers is the best practice to keep your masonry projects looking fantastic.

Masonry Maintenance: How to Clean Pavers

  1. Keep up the sweeping
We recommend sweeping the area weekly using a stiff broom to remove any rocks and rubbish. This avoids any stains being left on your pavers.
  1. Keep weeds under control
Apply a weed killer to keep them under control. Then try to remove these from the root to avoid them damaging your pavers.
  1. Wash it down
Remove any dirt and dust from your pavers. If there are difficult or older stains that need to be removed then a pressure washer is best. It is important to use the fan spray on your washer and not the jet. Also don’t spray too close so you don’t damage the paving.

Masonry Maintenance: How to Clean Retaining Walls

image of a curved stone retaining wall with a garden bed and a lawn beneath for masonry maintenance

You will need:

  • Garden sprayer
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Household detergent
  • High-pressure water blaster
  • Bleach

Spray with a garden hose

Gently spray your retaining wall so you soak every surface. Do this prior to cleaning to make sure that no dirt is absorbed into the wall.

Get your solution ready

Add some household detergent to your water spray and fill with water.

Spray your wall

Spray the entire wall with soapy water. After spraying, leave the mixture to do its work for 10 to 15 minutes.

Scrub your wall

Use the wet brush to remove any stains or stubborn dirt.

Pressure wash to finish off the job

Use the fan jet setting on a high-pressure washer. Go over every inch of your retaining wall for a beautiful finish.

What are some other things people can do that keep their masonry looking as good as new?

image of cleaned gray and white pavers for masonry maintenance For continued masonry maintenance, we also recommend using a sealer on concrete products after installation. Concrete sealers are used to protect concrete surfaces by providing a durable coating that makes it easier to clean and maintain the surface. They also enhance the colour of masonry and prevent it from fading.

What properties does Apex’s Masonry have that keep them looking great?

All Apex Masonry coloured products, such as our BayRidge®, TrendStone® & LeMode® ranges, are manufactured with Tech-Dry® admixture to ensure the highest-quality product for your project. Tech-Dry® helps to resist fading, efflorescence and mould growth. And it keeps your product looking great for years to come.

How long has Apex Masonry been producing pavers and retaining wall blocks?

For 40 years, our building and landscaping products have set a sound and resilient foundation for residential homes, multi-residential apartments, commercial developments, public spaces and civil projects across Southeast Queensland.

Have you seen any trends in masonry over the last year?

Over the last year, there’s been a noticeable increase in time spent on landscaping projects. It’s interesting to see what styles take to the market. Apex Masonry released a new product called BoldStone, a garden edging. This product was an absolute hit in the dark colour called Slate. Apex Masonry’s BoldStone garden wall delivers a mini boulder look hitting a noticeable trend of keeping landscapes natural. The industrial house style, often known as ‘warehouse chic’, was a noticeable trend this last year. Think large open spaces, sharp lines, raw materials and monochromatic colour palettes. This is where we noticed masonry, steel and timber are favoured materials for industrial builds.

What is Apex Masonry’s main mission or goal when it comes to customer satisfaction?

image of clean retaining wall and red wood fence for masonry maintenance Apex Masonry helps builders, block layers and landscapers with unique, quality products. And we deliver those with unsurpassed personalised service that will save you time and money. Apex Masonry provides the best outcomes for all our valued customers – a smooth-running project with guaranteed next day delivery.

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