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How often should you water your lawn in winter?

In the winter it’s easy to forget about your lawn. You’re not spending as much time outside. The grass isn’t growing much, so you don’t need to get out the mower or edger. Even weeding becomes less important. But one thing shouldn’t ever be forgotten – and that is the watering. Believe it or not, even in winter your lawn still needs enough water to stay hydrated and healthy. But how much is enough? How often should you water your lawn in winter? sporting-green-turf

How often should you water your lawn in winter?

No matter the time of year, the usual rule of thumb around watering your lawn depends on the season, your local climate conditions and the grass type. You can narrow that down to three broad ‘rules’:
  1. In the summer, water every three to four days.
  2. In spring and autumn, water every seven to ten days.
  3. In winter, water as required.

’Water as required’

In winter, the rule of thumb is to ‘water as required’. But what does that mean? ‘As required’ means to look out for dry grass leaves and any sign of ‘curling’. If you see that, you should give your lawn a light water, ideally just before sunrise. Excess water during winter can encourage ‘compaction’, which will mean water then can’t soak in and get through the roots. brown-dry-leaves

Only water if the leaves are dry

In winter it’s important that your lawn has a chance to dry out between waterings. This allows air to get through to the root system, which will encourage deeper root formation, which helps make your lawn more resilient. If the weather is particularly wet or frosty, it’s OK to hold off on watering your lawn until the sun makes a reappearance and the temperature rises. winter-turf-watering

What is the average watering schedule

In most cases throughout winter, you’ll only see signs of water need once or twice a week. So, if you’re asking yourself, ‘how often should you water your lawn in winter’, the answer is likely to be once a week, possibly twice. If you have a watering system set to timers, turn it off. In order to avoid overwatering, you’ll want to be able to control how often your lawn receives water.

What time of day should you water your lawn in winter

The best time of day to water your lawn in winter is just before the sun rises. This will keep the leaves and soil moist, and water away any pre-dawn frost. On frosty mornings though, keep off your lawn. This will help you avoid damaging any frozen blades of grass. Your lawn will also be most able to withstand frost damage if it’s already well hydrated and well fed during the months leading into winter. green-garden-turf

Winter watering of new turf

If you have laid new turf during winter, our expert tips can be found in our post How to lay new turf in winter for exceptional results. New turf is the exception to the rule as to how often should you water your lawn in winter, as it needs to be watered daily so it establishes a deep root system.

Other considerations for your winter lawn care

Feeding your lawn

Just as humans do, our lawns like a little extra food across winter. A combination fertiliser and herbicide like Lawn Solutions Oxafert will control the spread of weeds and give your lawn a boost while it’s resting in the cooler months. Note that Lawn Solutions Oxafert isn’t suitable for cool season grasses such as Santa Ana Couch, ryegrass or fescue, or for newly seeded turf. It’s fine to use on other established couch or Bermuda grasses such as Kikuyu, Zoysia and Sir Walter DNA Certified.

Council restrictions

Before you launch a watering schedule, be sure to also check your local council for any watering restrictions. While these are probably most applicable in the hotter months, it’s important to ensure that you’re following all water requirements no matter the time of year. green-turf

How to keep your lawn green in winter

If you’re interested in the next level of lawn care and would like to know more about not only watering your lawn through winter but keeping it green too, we’ve got you covered. Read our post on How to keep your lawn green in winter. Your lawn can thrive through winter with just a little TLC, the right amount of watering and feeding and even mowing at the right time. Keep an eye on our How To page for helpful blog posts like this one, and on our Product Info page for all your garden care needs. And if there’s anything else, please contact the expert team at Rock’n’Soil. We’re always available to talk through whatever you need for your lawn and garden projects.