5 ways to use rocks to create a feature in your garden

5 ways to use rocks to create a feature in your garden

rock-garden Here at Rock 'N' Soil we are in the business of selling rocks so we know everything about them. From which rocks to use when you are having drainage problems to which would work best on a work site. We are also well versed in all the different ways you can use our decorative stones around your yard to make the most impact. No matter what theme or style or garden you are creating, rocks will always have their place in the design. For an English style garden you might prefer a multi-coloured mix to replicate that cobblestone look or for a modern garden, polished white stones can be used to create a striking contrast. If you want to incorporate rocks into your landscaping design but don't know how to use them, read on for some ideas on how to make them work in your space:


As a ground cover

Rocks are a great backyard ground cover as they not only keep the weeds at bay, they can also add some much needed colour and texture back into an outdoor area. When used as a ground cover you will likely be using in bulk so it is important to make sure you get the stone colour and type right as it will influence to look and feel of your space. An added bonus of using stones as a ground cover is that they have great drainage capabilities, so when there is a downpour you won't be stuck tiptoeing across your waterlogged turf. rocks-used-around-a-water-feature

Around a water feature

As previously mentioned, rocks are wonderful when it comes redistributing water which makes them a great choice for using around a water feature. Create a rock pond by edging your pool with a variation of large and small rocks to give it a more natural look - these rocks act as a great cover of your pond edging and will soften your feature's shape. You can even use the large landscaping rocks to create a water fountain by piling them up strategically and letting the water cascade down into your larger pond. rocks-used-artisitcally-around-the-yard

As an artistic feature piece

When it comes to landscaping, it is important to create focal points around your yard to really let that personality and theme shine through. By using large landscaping rocks in your yard you can add interest and dimension to any space. These are an especially popular choice in Australian Native gardens, desert-style gardens and oriental gardens. rocks-used-as-a-retaining-wall

Within a retaining wall

Today there are so many different retaining wall options on the market that we are really spoilt for choice. While bricks, timber and concrete are all popular choices, using rocks to create a retaining wall has never gone out of fashion. Not only will rocks give your yard a natural look, they are strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions, if anything as they weather they gain even more character over time. rocks-used-as-a-garden-edge

As a garden edge

Both larger and smaller rocks make an effective garden edge. Smaller rocks will help create a barrier between your lawn and your garden, especially when paired with a metal garden edging to stop those weeds from getting through beneath the surface. Your large rocks are also a great choice for creating a natural and soft barrier between your turf and garden. rocks-used-as-a-water-feature

Ways to use rocks to beautifully redirect water

The great things about decorative rocks is that they can perform a dual purpose. If you are having trouble with drainage in your backyard, using rocks can greatly help with waterlogging or redirecting the flow of water. By skillfully placing your rocks you can not only solve your drainage problems but incorporate stones into your design that are fun and functional.

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