Weed Mat 915mm Wide 50m Roll

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Abmat Domestic Weed Mats allow for easy water penetration to garden beds and new turf while still doing a fantastic job restricting weed growth. The Abmat is durable to withstand light foot traffic, and easy to use. Simply unroll and secure in place using weed mat staples. Or cover with new turf, mulch, bark, pebbles or rocks to secure in place.

Made from woven polypropylene, weed mats will save you time and money spent treating and controlling weeds by restricting their growth in the first place while still allowing water and nutrients in to your garden! For best results, it’s recommenced that any unwanted weeds and plants are treated or removed prior to the weed mat being laid and secured in place.

Weed Mat Benefits:

  • Convenient length for a range of outdoor applications
  • Easy to lay and secure in place
  • Long-lasting weed control
  • Saves time and money spent treating or removing weeds
  • Lay under new turf, mulch, bark or pebbles

Available in:

  • 1830mm x 10m
  • 1830mm x 50m
  • 915mm x 10m
  • 915mm x 50m

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