Top Dress Sand - Organic

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Our USGA certified top dress sand meets all requirements for USGA sand specifications and has been extensively tested to ensure it’s quality. Compliance certificates are available for our Top Dress Sand at request for commercial projects.

Our certified top dress uses 1mm sand particles that are screened with organic compost using a 5mm screen to ensure the purity of the sand and minimal fines content. This also ensures no rocks, twigs and other undesirable organic matter taints the mix for a consistent spreading on application. This product is also fine to use with cylinder mowers. Our USGA top dress also features excellent porosity and a low salt content. Our sandy top dress also consists of 10% organic, fully composted fertiliser, rich in nutrients, minerals and organic microbes to feed your lawn. This fertiliser is a BFA/ACO Certified Organic Allowable Farm & Garden Input.

This special sand blend is double-washed and perfect for use on golf courses, university and school sporting fields, football ovals and cricket stadiums. It provides surface firmness and evenness, is perfect for protecting your grass from disease and gives steadiness to high-traffic areas. Top-dressing your turf also fixes any holes or weathered patches in your lawn while helping with root structure and healthy growth.

Our USGA Graded Sand is available to buy in bulk or can be delivered in bulk bags.

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