Starter Bar N12 - 1mtr x 200mm

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Starter Bars are cut and bent reinforced bars that are essential for building robust masonry or concrete walls, slabs or footings. Often known as rebar, starter bars are used to tie two structural pieces together in a way that maintains the integrity and strength of the whole.

Our Starter Bars N12 are precision-engineered out of reinforced steel that will suit all types of construction projects. They’re simple to handle and will deliver excellent results in your building projects. Whether you’re building retaining walls, or are simply tying walls to footings, whether it’s an all new build or you’re adding a new structure to an existing one, starter bars will provide you with the right steel reinforcement product for your project.

Starter Bar Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Builds strength, stability and security into your concrete projects
  • Allows you to build a reinforced structure rapidly

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