Slash 1 inch (25mm)

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A traditional ground cover consisting of small oval/nugget shaped pieces of pine bark up to 25mm in size. These pine bark nuggets have a red/tan colour in appearance, very similar to what you see in school and public playgrounds. This Slash 1″ (25mm) pine bark is a great decorative ground cover for those wanting to add natural brown hues to their garden design. Pine Park is also super simple to spread an apply with it’s lightweight feel and clean cut shape. By adding this around your plants you will be protecting them by preventing the spread of soil-borne diseases. Some people even mix pine bark in their soil to improve drainage as it takes longer to break down than traditional mulch.

Benefits of Pine Bark Slash 1″ (25mm)

  • Water retention properties
  • Stops weeds
  • Slow break down (less maintenance & topping up)
  • Assists in improving soil structure
  • Long lasting colour

Price is per m3

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