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Sapphire Buffalo Grass is suitable for all climates and is an easy-to-maintain and hard-wearing grass. Sapphire Buffalo has a 70% tolerance to shade and can therefore thrive in most conditions. It is also drought-tolerant and doesn’t need frequent watering. While Sapphire Buffalo requires only basic maintenance, it is important to fertilise a few weeks prior to the winter months due to slow growth and to control weeds. Generally, it requires mowing every 6-8 weeks, in a height range of 20-90mm, depending on the climate and intended use of the grass. Our Sapphire Buffalo Turf comes with it’s own Certificate of Authenticity so you can be assured that you are getting a great quality turf with all the properties listed above.

Sapphire Buffalo Grass Benefits

  • Sapphire Buffalo Grass is durable and robust.
  • Sapphire Buffalo Grass has excellent shade tolerance.
  • Sapphire Buffalo Grass has a good recovery rate.
  • Sapphire Buffalo Grass has solid weed resistance.
  • Sapphire Buffalo Grass has low thatch.

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