Rocky Point Sugar Cane Bales

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These Rocky Point Sugar Cane Bales are made from the highest quality organic sugar cane and is the perfect addition to keep all gardens and potted plants thriving. Naturally feeding your soil as it breaks down, Rocky Point Sugar Cane Bales are a simple and cost effective way to protect your plants while also improving you soils. This mulch is completely natural works as a weed suppressant and also retains moisture to be taken up by your plants.

If you are worried about your environmental footprint, the good news is that sugar cane is a completely renewable resource. This mulch is screened to get rid of contaminants such as dust and dirt and is finely chopped for ease of use. By evenly chopping the leaves of the sugar can and using fine filters to remove dust, the mulch is easy to break down, easier to bind to your soil and retains even more moisture for your plant.

This product is is certified as an Australian Certified Organic Allowed Input and to Australian Standards 4454 and prepared and tested under strict conditions.

Benefits of Rocky Point Sugar Cane Mulch:

It’s safe: This mulch is 100% organic and safe to use when maintaining your garden. It’s also very clean due to the Rocky Point dust extracting processes.

Improves Soil: This mulch will break down quickly and the organic matter will be absorbed into the soil, improving both it’s structure and quality. By enriching your soil you will see the long term results in healthier plants that are hardier too.

Prevents Erosion: As you know, Brisbane can get pretty stormy during the summer which can unfortunately result in your precious topsoil washing away. Adding a protective of sugar cane is a great way to prevent this erosion as your sugar can will bind in with the soil while still allowing the water to get through to your plants.

Prevents Weeds: Mulching with sugar can will help keep your yard weed free by not only stopping weed seeds from spreading to your soil but also blocking out the sunlight for existing weeds so they won’t be able to continue growing.

Average coverage per bale – 4 square meters.

Price is per bale



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