Rocky Point Premium Potting Mix 60ltr

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Rocky Point Premium Potting Mix is full of quick release nutrients that are perfect for giving your plants an immediate boost as well as long-term sustained feed to keep your plants thriving for 12-14 months. This potting mix contains organic compost, coir fibre, slow release fertilisers, zeolite, gypsum, lime, iron, natural rock trace elements and a natural wetting agent. This potting mix has been certified to Australian Standards 3743 for a Premium Grade Potting Mix, so you can be assured of its consistency and quality.

Size: 60L bag

Rocky Point Premium Potting Mix Benefits

  • Slow release nutrients over 12-14 months
  • Moisture retention properties
  • Great drainage properties
  • Renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Nursery grade potting mix

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