Plant Doctor Quantum H (Humic) 1ltr

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Plant Doctor Quantum H is an excellent all around garden product. Humic acid is a natural and organic way to provide your garden with a concentrated dose of essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. And Quantum H is a premium humic acid solution that’s extracted from a high-grade ore which helps improve, build and repair soil structure. It’s also fantastic for cleaning your soil of heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. It’s even a great microbe food aiding in supporting your backyard soil.

Plant Doctor Quantum H is an industry leader in humic acid products because of the manner of manufacture it’s easier to handle while still offering fantastic results. It’s also 100% organic and naturally resourced making it an excellent sustainable choice.

Plant Doctor Quantum H benefits:

  • Increases access to soil nutrients
  • Provides a powerful chelating agent
  • Increases and stimulates beneficial microbial activity
  • Buffers the soil for stable pH
  • Supports soil structure
  • Increases soil moisture retention

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