Plant Doctor Liquid Iron 1ltr

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Plant Doctor Liquid Iron is not just a fertiliser… it’s a supercharger! This fertiliser has been infused with fulvic acid, sulphur and a highly soluble form of liquid iron that will take your garden from dull to green and lush. It helps provide a rich green colour in leaves and lawn and can correct iron deficiencies that could impact your garden. Plants only need a small amount of iron, but because it helps them to produce chlorophyll and therefore participate in photosynthesis, it’s a vital part of keeping them healthy.

The added sulphur will also help to stabilise the pH levels all throughout your outdoor spaces. And the addition of fulvic acid ensures your plants and lawn can grab up all those nutrients quickly and easily.

Liquid iron benefits:

  • Easy to apply
  • Corrects iron deficiencies
  • Greens your leaves in turf and plants
  • Corrects yellowing in new leaf growth
  • Aids in creating chlorophyll, essential for photosynthesis
  • Supports a balanced soil pH
  • Corrects iron chlorosis

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