GP Cement 20kg

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Our General Purpose Cement is cost effective, high-quality & Australian standard compliant. It’s versatility makes it great for DIY projects. From trusted suppliers Cement Australia our General Purpose Cement fully complies with the Australian Standards requirements for Type GP cement described in AS3972: General purpose and blended cements. It’s a premium Portland cement that blends with raw materials to suit your project.

General Purpose Cement can be used for the following applications:
• Concrete
• Mortars
• Renders
• Grouts
If you need a rapid setting or high early strength cement we recommend a more specialised cement.

General Purpose Cement is compatible with:

• Admixtures that comply with AS 1478 C AS 1478 C AS 1478 Chemical admixtures for concrete.
• Fly Ashes complying with AS 358.2.1  Supplementary cementitious materials for use with General Purpose and blended cement: Fly Ash.
• Ground granulated blast furnace slags complying with AS3582.2
• Other cements complying with AS3972 –General purpose and blended cement.

General Purpose Cement must not be mixed with high alumina cement as this may result in uncontrollable expansion and short setting times.

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