Gardenwall Soft Split Retaining Wall Block - Portstone

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Add a pop of colour to your garden with these Portstone retaining wall blocks. This gorgeous shade is sure to complement any colour scheme you had in mind for your yard. These soft split blocks are also specially designed with a rough face texture to make the blocks look more uniform in the tri-face retaining wall design.

National Masonry’s Gardenwall is easy for DIYers and takes the stress out of larger commercial projects with it’s simple ‘Link’ block system manufacture. All Gardenwall blocks are built to link into one another making it easy to create a retaining wall that looks symmetrical and even and is also strong enough to stay in shape and withstand the elements.

Using Gardenwall, you can create retaining wall designs with a straight or curved edge. The pavers also feature high quality oxides for premium colour retention and can be built up to 1 metre high.


Type: Gardenwall Soft Split

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