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Our Deco or Decomposed Granite consists of finely crushed granules of granite and has a gorgeous Tan/Brown hue. Rich in colour, this Deco is the perfect material for driveways, pathways or as filler in between pavers. This product has practical applications, on top of being in vogue at the moment. You can see this deco used in modern Australian garden designs with native plants or tropical accents.

When a firm surface is required deco can be a cheaper alternative to concrete and a cost effective solution for larger commercial projects. As it’s a naturally porous product, any water will drain off the surface with ease making it perfect for driveways on its own or as a compactable base when combined with cement (an off-white is best to avoid a colour change).

The mixing ratio for deco is approx. 8:1. (8 Deco to 1 Cement). Getting the mix just right is very important as it will not only create a completely stable service, it also provides a long lasting finish that will be able to withstand the Queensland weather.

Price is per m3

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