Cypress Mulch

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A fine blend of Cypress fibres with a fresh aroma, a rich brown hue, and a natural resistance to termites and pests. It also offers a natural protection against white ants. This top of the range blend is perfect for windswept areas and steep embankments as it has exceptional binding properties. Its ability to matte down and bind together is what has made it such a popular choice among our customers. Cypress mulch can be used as aa natural alternative to Hoop. This mulch is perfect for high end garden designs and landscaping projects with its attractive appearance and practical design. The cypress blend has gone through extensive testing and complies with the Australian standard 4454-2012

Cypress Mulch Benefits

  • 100% Shredded Cypress
  • Ideal for embankments, slopes, and wind swept areas
  • Retains moisture, reducing water requirements for your garden
  • Rich, long-lasting natural red/brown colour
  • Controls and suppresses weeds
  • Slow decomposition, lasting longer
  • 100% Cypress

Price is per m3

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