Cypress Chip

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Cypress Garden Chip is a small chip of 100% cypress timber about 25mm in size and golden in colour, It has a pleasant fragrance and richness of colour that makes it perfect for using as a decorative ground cover. It is ideal if you are wanting to find a ground cover on a budget and even has the added benefit of offering a natural termite resistance in your garden. This mix consists of cypress timber with some bark included to give your soil the addition of some compostable organics.

Benefits of Cypress Chip:

  • Perfect for using for large landscaping jobs on a budget to maintain a good quality finish.
  • Cypress chip is perfecting for retaining moisture for your plants and in turn has the added benefit of reducing garden watering.
  • This mulch will slowly break down and transform into organic matter to enrich your soil.
  • Cypress Chip can form a protective layer over your topsoil and protect it over the stormy Summer month in Brisbane.
  • Mulching will help keep your yard weed free by not only stopping weed seeds from spreading to your soil but also blocking out the sunlight for existing weeds so they won’t be able to continue growing.

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