Cypress Blend Mulch

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A gorgeous blend of fine cypress chip and cypress fines with a nice aroma and natural colouring. Cypress Blend Mulch has a natural brown/tan colouring that matches in perfectly with any garden theme or design.

One of our best sellers, this mulch protects your home by offering a natural resistance to termites while also keeping the weeds at bay. It also complies with Australian Standard 4454-2012 and is an environmentally sustainable product.

Benefits of Cypress Blend

  • Rich, long-lasting natural chocolate brown colour
  • Retains moisture, reducing water requirements for your garden
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Natural termite resistance
  • Long-lasting
  • 100% genuine cypress

Price is per m3\

How much to order?

Ready to order our Cypress Blend Mulch? Getting the correct measurement first is vital. Use our Quantity Calculator to determine the amount of mulch you’ll need to complete your project.

We always suggest adding a 5% safety net to make sure you have a little extra if anything should go wrong.

Available for Delivery or Pick Up

Do you need Cypress Blend Mulch for your landscaping project? Get in touch. Our team are on hand to help you get what you need either in person at our landscaping centre, or via delivery. In many cases, we even offer same-day delivery!

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