Forest Mulch/Budget Mulch

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For ordering ¼㎥, ⅓㎥ and ½㎥ quantities please call the office on (07) 3245 5677
Please note that deliveries to postcode 4178 (Fishermans Island) may incur additional toll fees.
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A course blend of tree loppers chippings derived from various species of trees. A great all rounder for those working within a budget that want a cost effective ground cover with a natural look. If looking to purchase it’s always a good idea to come into our yard prior to ordering this mulch as it can often change in appearance and make up. This also mean there will be variation in the consistency of the mix.

Benefits of Forest Mulch

  • A combination of fast and slow release organic
  • Weed suppressant
  • Holds moisture in the soil
  • Cost effective

Price is per m3

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