Brickline / Stringline CT NO8 Orange 50m

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If you have a marking task to do – whether laying out fences or positioning wallpaper – the Supercraft Brickline / Stringline Chalk Trace in 50m is an essential tool for the job.

This chalk trace makes short work of all your marking tasks in both construction and home improvement projects including marking out the perimeter of fences, laying guidelines for brick walls, installing shelves or cabinet or laying flooring or tiles. Whatever you need to mark, it’s versatile to meet all your needs.

This stringline is constructed from plaited nylon which gives it exceptional strength and the perfect amount of stretch. You’ll be able to achieve a strong, but tight and straight line. This also means it’s flexible, so it’s easy to rewind and store. The bright orange colour allows it to stand out clearly against all kinds of backgrounds, which makes it easy to see, and easy to work with whether you’re a building professional or a home enthusiast.

Brickline / stringline is an ideal solution for professionals in carpentry, bricklaying, fencing and tiling, and for all your home projects too.

Brickline / Stringline Chalk Trace Benefits:

  • Specially designed for large-scale marking needs
  • Made from plaited nylon for unmatched strength and optimal stretch
  • Ensures tight line tensioning for accurate work
  • Flexible rewind capability for ease of use
  • Bright orange colour for high visibility and clear, consistent lines
  • Includes a convenient cut-off point for quick and easy string line removal

Also available in 100m.

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